Motorbike Road Trips Checklist – Things to Carry

I have always thought to myself, to have Motorbike Road Trips Checklist for items mandatory for all one day rides above 100 kms and for all overnight rides. Even on group rides it is highly recommended that every rider carries his own set of spares and tool kits. Though the manufacturer of the bike is the same the dimensions and fits of each bike and model highly varies. Have made one such checklist for our group, and sharing the same.

1. Personal and Bike Documents 
a. Driving license*
b. Bike RC*
c. Bike Insurance*
d. Personal Insurance*
e. Pollution Certificate*

2. Basic safety gears 
a. Full faced helmet, clear vision*
b. Elbow and knee guards*
c. Riding gloves*
d. Good boots*
e. Riding Jacket and Riding Pant

3. Tools:-
a. Spare Tubes (Front and back if the sizes of the tube are different)*
b. Spark Plug and spare fuses*
c. Headlight, tail light and indicator bulb set*
d. Chain link
e. Clutch Cable*
f. Accelerator cable*
g. Standard tool kit*
j. Extra engine oil
k. Engine oil additive
l. M-seal/Fevi kwik/Insulation tape
m. Tow Rope
n. Bungee chords
o. Foot pump or electronic pump
p. Puncture kit/Puncture Foam
q. Pen and a notebook
r. Hose pipe for petrol siphoning
s. Small scissors
t. Adjustable wrench
u. 1 liter spare fuel

4. Additional stuff:- 
a. Rain gears
b. Torch
c. Personal medicines*
d. First aid kit (Tablets/spray/ointments for body pain/ Tablets for headache, fever, stomach upset/Disprin/band aids and plaster/pain killers/diamox for high altitudes/Detol/savlon)*
e. Hydration (water bottles)
f. Mint / chewing gum
g. Emergency contact numbers*
h. Sufficient cash & Cards *
i. Energy Bars
j. Zip Pouch for Mobiles/wallets
k. 40 micron poly bag for covering shoes in rain
l. Nigh riding goggles m. Reflective vest
m. Extra pair of keys*
n. Extra pair of vision specs
o. Balaklava mask/buff
p. Power bank/bike charger
q. Physical map/routing chart
r. Saddle bag and cover*

Hope the information of Road Trips Checklist would be helpful! Ride safe Ride Long!!

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