RoadTrip Bangalore to Gandikota and Belum Caves

Road Thrill Planned for a ride to Gandikota and Belum Caves and for me it was not a decided ride, Thanks to Road Thrill for adding me for the ride. Previous night decided to join them for a ride, Road Thrill is a motorcycle riding club which allows all variety bikes above 150cc bikes to join the ride that they organize. We had a gang of 50+ rider’s confirmed for the ride and there was a complete govt. resort booked for us that day.
Day 1:- We had 2 batches set for the ride and i was on the first batch as a Marshal riding with the group. Starting point was Esteem Mall at 4:30am and we had to pick a pillion on few bikes so had to start even more early to pick them and reach the start point. We started sharp time and headed towards Gandikota and Belum Caves which is around 290kms which is in the state of Andhra Pradesh. All wanted to have chai sutta and we stopped near a shop after riding 70+kms. As usual photographer eyes wanted to take some pics started clicking and did not stop till Gandikota.
This pic was taken near the chai shop and was the first batch that i was riding with.
Early morning poser’s posing for the photographs.
Morning clouds with different expressions was a bliss. Started the ride to Gandikota after a break.
Here comes JP who heads Road Thrill and was a Sweep…Sweeping herd of Rider’s.
Stopped on the way to take a break and i decided to get the group to this location for a photo shoot as you know we never stop clicking.
Good friend’s and the group that matters for a ride.
This is how we ride as a group.
We stopped in for breakfast and we had a lovely couple who joined us for this Gandikota and Belum Caves ride at the breakfast point at Kadri who rode all the way from Chennai……
Started riding after break fast towards Pulivenella which is the place where we had ancient tree etc to see. People who were interested went inside to see and take pics while we were resting under the tress outside. We started to ride from Pulivenella to Kadri and then to Gandikota and Belum Caves, as the route was all country side and the humidity level was going high at 11am.. due to the huge crowd and crossing villages there were detour and breakdowns and people were lost. Finally we all reached Gandikota by 4:30 pm, people were hungry and started having lunch as soon as they entered and were welcomed with Andhra style spicy food.
All got freshned up and started heading towards the Canyon as they were all excited to sight and enjoy the glimpse of the beautiful sight.
The Photographer’s eyes searching for spots to frame ;)…
This is what he found to frame in his lenses.

Friend’s enjoying the view around the location and spent some time doing Photography as usual.

Sunset and Rider captured on time…..what a combination we had to take such pics.

Finally i was in the frame of sunset……loved this pic……


After the sunset we all rode back to the resort to start the party and campfire……we started with intro as usual and then we had few people singing……dance drinks food etc went on till 12-2am  and all hit there beds to start the ride in the morning for sunrise and to ride to Belum caves.

This was how the resort was looking early morning at 5am. I just woke up in the morning and was planing to ride to the canyon for sunrise shots unfortunately my bike was punctured…..could not join the group for Belum caves and had another bike which was leaking fuel……My dear friend Tudu had gone to get a mechanic from the other village to fix the puncture as we were not carrying any puncture kit.

All my fellow rider’s were riding to Belum caves….so gave them a send off and was waiting for Tudu  to get the mechanic….this was my first time puncture experience on my bike after so many years of riding experience…However it was unfortunate and no one can be blamed for the same. Finally he got the mechanic and here my bike was getting fixed.

Bike was fixed by 12pm…..we started heading towards Ananthpur as the group had gone to Belum and reaching Ananthpur for lunch….we 4 of us headed and met the group even before they reached the lunch point…..It was an awesome ride and experience and Kudos to Road Thrill to keep up with the breakdowns etc…..It was a lovely set of people in the group and while returning we were blessed with rains and all reached back home safely by 9pm from our ride to Gandikota and Belum Caves.

Till then your’s
Bharath Reddy.S Aka Riderboy

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  • August 2, 2020 at 10:51 am

    Sir I loved your riding experiences, I wana join you on your next group ride please let me know how to contact you, my Number is 9741373279
    Iam from Bangalore and also Iam a Motovlogger.
    Thank you.


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