Royal Enfield Rider Mania 2015′ GOA

Rider Mania 2015: Now here is some thing interesting “Rider Mania” which is celebrated every year by Royal Enfield as a fest in Goa for Rider’s and my first ever time that i wanted to attend this event as a proud RE owner.
IBR “Indian Bull Rider’s club” planned official ride to Rider mania 2015 and wanted to join this ride, so did the required fund transfers and registrations for the event prior. We had almost 14-19 Rider’s confirmed for this ride, accommodation etc was booked and the plan was to leave on the 19th morning at 4 am. We had strict instructions to make sure we service our bikes one week before the ride and test them, we did accordingly and had a list created for spares to be carried….essentials etc.
Day 1 (19-11-2015)

All Rider’s assembled at the start point by 3:30 am and we had a small brief and we started the journey to the Rider’s meet, our target to reach Goa was by 6pm atleast. Rains in Bangalore had not stopped and all Rider’s were geared up with Rain suits and riding… we had too many groups riding to GOA for this event….i guess the crowd was approximately 6k. We all started the ride at 4am from the Nice Exit and planned stop was near Sira for coffee break. On the way we were overtaking one of the groups and our rider was lost between them with a breakdown due to bad quality of wiring by Royal Enfield. We stopped near the Sira Toll to check if all are in the group and we get a call from one of our rider saying his bike is not starting and was around 20kms behind us. 2 of us from the group went back searching and the remaining rider’s headed towards the breakfast point in Chitradurga. We found the Rider 20kms away we tried replacing the fuse but it was blowing off. We short the fuse and started heading the bike to breakfast point. Some how we reached Chitradurga and we had the same issue again. we found a wire was cut below the tank. so fixed the issue had breakfast and headed to the destination and the rain was not stopping at all. We stopped for lunch near Hubli and the the clouds were clear and we had lunch. We headed via the Charla ghats which was really an awesome experience on the roads weather and the scenic views around and finally we reached Goa and all were so tired and just wanted to hit the bed after dinner.

Day 2 (20-11-2015):

We all woke up got freshened and headed to Vagator to venue and few Rider’s had already gone to get the bike’s fixed. We as an IBR Group wanted to give a grand entry and decided we will meet before the venue line up wearing IBR T_shirts and go honking the way we did it in Bulletiappa….So called back all the Rider’s and we did the grand entry though everyone was irritated with the honking we still did it and parked the bikes in the venue.

We spent the whole day in the venue having beers etc… which was at a cheaper cost provided in the venue. We had a Rock show in the evening by Indian Ocean….etc…spent the night around and went for dinner…..all had dinner and then we wanted to roamed around the beaches and returned to the hotel in the morning 4am.
Day 3 (21-11-2015): We had slow race, dirt tracks etc the same day and few of our group members participated and won the prize too…we had some great people talking in the lounge about there experiences on the biggest adventures they did on the Royal Enfield bikes, which was another attraction of the event. Later we guy’s split few were in the venue and few of us returned back to freshen and go for dinner by the sides of Anjuna beach which was a lovely time spent with our friend’s from Chennai and also an RE employee who joined us.
Day 4 (22-11-2015):
We had 2 of our friend’s who had to return back to Bangalore and they headed early in the morning at 8am, we had breakfast with them and send off. Then later we all freshened and got ready to ride out for sight seeing and to spend some awesome time near the beaches. We headed first to sight the Dolphins and then we rode to see the place Fort Agoda and did some awesome photography and we headed to Calangute beach to have lunch and spend some time with the group as we had to return the next day all were sober and just were roaming around and returned back to the hotel to pack the luggage all returned by around 11:30pm and slept to get up early in the morning.


Day 5 (23-11-2015):
We all got ready and headed back to Bangalore again via Charla ghat all were tired and riding in the speeds of 80kms/hr. We stopped at a village for breakfast and we headed back to Bangalore as we were going as we had a plan of having lunch in Hubli and we were quiet fast to cover the place before lunch time we stopped there for a coffee and decided to head to Chitradurga for Lunch. we reached Chitradurga by 1:30pm and started having lung and one of our buddy bike had some trouble with the bike, so we sent him to get it fixed in an RE showroom in that place, by the time bike got fixed and we left was almost 4:30-5pm we started and the same bike had more problems so we had to leave the bike and had to head back we saw the rains started pouring and we did not wanted to stop for long. we geared up and informed him to get the bike fixed and meet us on the way as we were doing slowe speeds, but the rainfall from tumkur was massive and had no visibility at all, some how we reached Bangalore and thanked each one of the ride’r and headed back to there homes.

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Bharath Reddy.S
{Aka Riderboy}

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