Royal Enfield One Ride’ Bangalore to Hyderabad

When Royal Enfield One Ride was created  all over the country, we without even planning decided to Ride out to Hyderabad for #RT Hyderabad “One Ride” event. Now what is “Royal Enfield One Ride”?

One Ride is One Thought, One Feeling, One passion-Royal Enfield. The FIRST Sunday of April is celebrated as the Royal Enfield ONE RIDE all over the world.

Passion for Riding and Photography has always pushed me to the extreme limits of life. This month of the year most of the places weather is supposed to be Hot and it was very Hot in Hyderabad. A bunch of 3 and each one of us are crazy… decided to ride out to Hyderabad and out of the 3 one was the founder of Road Thrill community for riding passion not for any specific bike club as such. Meet, Travel and Discover is the theme of this community, this has got all the passionate rider’s in one roof… does not matter what bike you ride, with whom you ride etc., it is only the brotherhood that matters. Now this community has started in different cities and one of those in Hyderabad had started now and wanted to reach out and help them form. So me, Dinesh and Jacinth decided to do the Royal Enfield One Ride there.

We started our ride to Hyderabad at 1am on the 1st April 2017 it was a decent weather and Bangalore traffic as usual was crowded for weekend rush. We rode in the night to make sure we don’t get hit by heat waves as much as possible, but after 3am is when we feel sleepy as it is supposed to be the deep sleep of a human body. We tried many ways to keep ourselves awake and reached Kurnool by 7am and stopped for breakfast. From Breakfast place our destination was 180kms+, we reached Hyderabad by 10am, but traffic was very bad and took almost 3 hours to reach our destination. 

Rider's at pit stop checking Messages on NH
Rider’s at pit stop checking Messages


Selfie with the Machine’s


Selfie pic in pic


We reached the apartment had lunch and just crashed. We stayed in our RT crew member’s apartment, got up at around 5:30pm and see a lot of messages from our Brother’s in Hyderabad. Connected with few and they wanted to meet us, so sent them the location and they were pretty much on time.

Smile on our faces when we meet our Brother’s


 We had a long chit chat and few discussions over drinks and had to wake up at 4:30am for the event in Hyderabad which was start point at Tank bund road and Ride to Shamirpet Lake. Group had started their ride after briefing on safety etc. me and Dinesh reach late and we just joined the group and rode to the breakfast point which was about 3kms away from the lake”Haritha Resort”. Had a small introduction, talks about upcoming events, introduction of few clubs that had joined, photography and headed with breakfast for Royal Enfield One Ride

Royal Enfield One Ride in Hyderabad, India 2017
RT Team HYD at Royal Enfield One Ride




Varun Singh Dewal and RT Hyderabad Road Thrill flag
Varun busy with the team


This is how we Ride




Rail Ghaadi ready to roll

After all the discussions and breakfast we all rode to the lake and took some pictures and spent time talking.


Master stands in center to organize the lane for Photography


Add caption


Panaromic Pic


Smiles for the photographs





While returning back to the city

 We reached the disperse point at Suchitra circle, treated ourselves with the famous Hyderabad Dum Biryani and started our ride back to Bangalore.

Bye Bye Hyderabad


Riderboy and Vision

Heat was kicking in high and we were keeping ourselves hydrated with tender coconut, water and some juice. We reached back to Bangalore around 1pm which was almost 48 hours from the time we left Bangalore. This journey of our ride will never be forgotten and trust me….these are few rides that keep our memories refreshed…. so was this Royal Enfield One Ride.

Bangalore-Hyderabad-Shamirpet Lake-Suchitra Circle-Bangalore- 1300kms in 48hours.


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