Benelli 600 GTS – 1 Year Rider Experience

Benelli 600 GTS User Experience: Riderboy’s Journey was with a lot of low CC bike’s and finally decided to move up the ladder to purchase a beast which can support my journey of leading my passion of riding. One day looking at some beasts on the road I wanted to own one…but was thinking of the budget and a lot of other requirements that I needed to look at. After test riding one of the beast Hyosung 650GTR, it was my close friend’s, that started to pump the adrenalin rush in my body to get one of those….

Riderboy on the Hyosung GT650R (Note: This picture was not on real ride and was only for photography)

Below were my few requirement’s.

1. Large fuel Tank
2. Affordability
3. Maintenance
4. Parts availability
5. Brand
6. Power
7. Luggage options
8. Touring Machine
9. Value for money

Researched on the internet for the Touring machine’s online and below were the bike’s that gave me options to select one of these:

1.Triumph Tiger 800 – 14l approx
2. Triumph Bonneville- 8L approx
3. BMW G650GS- No Cost was available online
4. Kawasaki Versys 650- 7L approx
5. Benelli 600 GT – 7.47L on road price

Checked reviews of all, out of which Benelli caught my interest with price, accessories, looks, Italian, Sound, 4 Inline, Luggage Panniers, 27 litre Fuel Tank etc. So reached the showroom in Langford road, Bangalore. Took this machine for a test ride and was just so impressed that I could not even reject the bike, Good sales staff and specifically Sales Manager of this branch Mr.Syed is just so friendly, approachable, ready to help nature. Not only that, now he is also a very good friend of mine. Finally decided to pick the beast DSK Benelli 600 GTS (With Pannier’s). Convincing at home was a very difficult task for me. Some how managed for approval back home and got the bike delivery after all the documentation in a few days.

Me and Benelli 600 GTS delivery at showroom

Delivery of the bike did not take long, but after seeing the beast, taking him out was a different ball game altogether, as I was very new to big bike’s. Finally took him out for Pooja and parked him back at home.

My first ride after delivery of the bike was to Tirupati and I follow this as a tradition from my Father. Around 700+kms of my first experience and still learning to get used to the Benelli 600 GTS.

Beast stopped on the Thirumala hills

After that to complete the 1k Kms did a small ride to Krishnagiri with a few new friend’s that time and one among them was Mr. Deepak Kamath who is a Legend (To Know who is Deepak Kamath Click here) and another man Mr.Sarath Shenoy  who is another legend and inspiration (To Know More about Sarath Shenoy Click here)

Morning Ride Line Up

But they continued to ride to Kolli Hills and I had to go back as the bike was due for 1st service. Did few more rides with the legends and learnt a lot from them. Gained confidence riding with Deepak during which he told me that I was the only person to ride in his pace.

Shettihalli Church ride

I forgot to mention, naming my bike is another trend with me and I call him a “Monster” and the TB500 is “Bada Don”, previously had a TB350 named “Chota Don”. My Benelli 600 GTS has completed 18k Kms till date and most of the times Solo.

Horseley Hills with my Benelli 600 GTS


Dhanushkodi (TN) with my Benelli 600 GTS


Benelli 600 GTS at Valparai (TN)
Kudremukh (KA) & Benelli 600 GTS


Lavasa (Pune, MH) too with Benelli 600 GTS

Many more rides that I have done, still have another big ride coming up for the month of May 2017. During all these ride experiences my bike has never let me down, and the service experience is just amazing in Bangalore and always been thank full to Mr. Shekar (Senior Technician) for his amazing work to keep my bike on track, Mr. Shivkumar (Service Manager) for going the extra mile to support on the issues I faced near Pune or for that matter anywhere. Thanks to Vinayaka Automobiles (Mr. Suresh) Bangalore for providing awesome support with his team all the time.

I have been the happiest customer with this lovely Italian Beast, and will continue Riderboy’s journey with my Benelli 600 GTS.

Benelli 600 GTS Pros:
1: Stability at high speed
2. No Vibrations
3. Doesn’t need a gear change when brought down to low speeds
4. Wider rear tyres 180/55-ZR 17
5. Awesome initial power for an inline 4
6. 320mm front disc and rear 260mm disc good breaking
7. Good Suspension
8. Mileage 23 when ridden b/w  120-140km/h
9. Luggage pannier’s (Givi)
10. Comfortable Riding Posture

Benelli 600 GTS Cons:
1. No ABS
2. No Slipper Clutch
3. Bad Headlights
4. Not much in the instrument cluster ( distance to empty fuel, and not much features)
5. Service interval (every 4k Kms)
6. Cost of Spares

Lots more to come.. Keep watching this space for more exciting updates..

Adios Amigos..

Riderboy’s Journey continues..

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