Dirt Mania – Where Four Wheels Moved Our Soul

Dirt Mania is a place which was on the travel list since quite some time now. Friday evening, when I logged into trip advisor to check out some new places to check out some interesting place to visit around Bangalore, this was there right on top of the list, outdoor activities in Bangalore. Realized it was Dirt Mania Calling’ and waiting no time I quickly gave a call on the number given to confirm that I would be there the next day. Accompanied by my friend, Arun Hilson we reached the place around 11 AM which is located 7 Km from the Art of Living ashram on Kanakpura Road.


Place: The very entrance of the place gave a wonderful rustic feel with a dirt track on the left, quads lined up in a row on one side, a garage servicing area in the front and a wooden reception area with stairs to climb in the center.  The staff is courteous while explaining the safety measures, briefing on the trail and in putting on the helmets and riding jackets.



Bikes and Gearing Up: Sitting onto the quad itself there is something new to it, definitely not a car feeling and not even like a bike too. It was something special, powerful and it was simply wonderful. With a hand gear, left hand brakes, a small lever accelerator on the right handle, these quad bikes were unique in their own way. A small trail run around the trial area and we got a feel of it, ready to be taken on our 15 KM trail.



Offroad Trail: Being avid riders covering some lakhs of kilometers in all kinds of terrain, I must say this turned out to be one unique and wonderful experience. Sitting on the quad itself we felt like a child excited about the ride ahead. Like a child learning to walk we slowly cautiously followed the pilot vehicle and maneuvered till we reached the road which leads to the trail. It was at half a Km distance and by the time we entered the trail towards our left we were ready for some gripping and ripping.


I was riding the powerful 500 CC sportster and the way it was pulling over the off road twists and turns I could feel the power of these quad bikes. I was almost drifting at few even surface turns and with that raising dirt trail sometimes you feel to drift more. The trail has everything to offer to quench your riding thirst from scenic plain roads, shady stretches covered with trees, steep hilly curves and even some jumps 😀 See the video: Click Here.


Me and Arun were just loving the ride and the hand signals we follow on group ridings were always there to help us communicate, speed up, speed down, hazard on the road 😀 😀 It was fun.The last stretch of the one way ride is the best part, where you would climb a hillock. We had a pit stop and did click some pictures for memories.



A visit here during sunset we would have seen some amazing views or maybe on any of the Night Trails, Dirt mania offers. By now after riding 7km we got very comfortable with the bike handling the return ride was more fun and more aggressive. Aggressive, maybe that would be a word to describe the quads and their engine power.

We say ‘Two wheels move the soul while four wheels move the body,’ However Dirt Mania was such a place ‘Where Four Wheels Moved Our Soul’

Conversations with Raj: After our wonderful ride, we had the opportunity to meet Raj who runs Dirt Mania along with Jai. A good conversation over some beverages from the reception, we got to know some interesting insights about how they had been successfully running the place over last 8 years. Dirt Mania is the only place in Bangalore providing quad biking and since last year it also expanded operations in Chikmagalur and Mangalore. Looking at the pictures shown the trail in Chikmagalur located in between the hills is more challenging and touch for offroading with only 500cc Polaris quads, while Dirt Mania in Mangalore it is located on the beautiful beach side.

Dirt Mania, Chikmagalur
Dirt Mania, Mangalore

Some useful Links

Price List: http://www.dirtmania.in/prices

Days of working, timings: 7 days a week, 8 AM to 9 PM

Location Coordinates: https://goo.gl/maps/hmoMZcmPWyv

Contact Numbers: 088802 60270

Dirt Mania, Mangalore: http://www.mlr.dirtmania.in/

Dirt Mania, Chikmagalur: http://www.ckm.dirtmania.in/

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