Royal Enfield One Ride with Road Thrill Hyderabad

I read it somewhere and truly fits very well here. “If it wasn’t weird, I would have sent you a picture of myself. Because I look totally grateful.” What a ride. Complete fulfillment. It was a well planned and very well executed event. I must thank each one of you for participating and making this event a grand success. The pictures narrates the story and I can see those happy and fulfilled faces. Trust me I am really feeling great to be part of a such an enthusiastic riding community.

I am thankful to all the riders who joined from various groups and showed true riding brotherhood. Jacinth Paul Riderboy’s Journey(Bharat Bhai) and Dinesh Maligachar (amazing passion for riding and photography) their journey to this ride from Bangalore to Hyderabad reflects the keeda that we all have. I wish them a very safe ride and must thank them for everything.

 Our Crew members Siddhartha Getti, Rudraraju Sai Neelalohith, Mohammed Salman, Ubaid Safiuddin, Irtaza Javed, many thanks to you guys. You guys remarkably ensured all the smooth functioning of the back-end activities.

Good Show guys!

Cheers to biking brotherhood…. Keep Riding and Keep Inspiring!
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Varun Singh Dewal

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