Road Thrill Pune: Just Ride – Night Out to Wakhari

We started with a plan of riding 120 kilometres and returned after riding 251 kilometres, at 4.00AM – an enjoyable ride with like minded roadies. Ride destination was decided and launched on Friday and Saturday we had 8 bikes and 10 riders.

We started at 8.45 from Chandini chowk and reached the first pitstop around 10.00pm and 2 more riders joined us. The group was growing big, the highway was empty and we were enjoying the weather. When it was time for food, our group changed two hotels just to get the local dhaba flavor.

After food we decided to ride for around 30+ min and start our return journey to Pune by 1.30am. Around 1.30 we stopped for a short tea break and decided to go ahead for 30 min more and finally landed at Bhigwan bird watching point- no birds but a good camping spot.

Relaxed a bit and left for Pune. We left around 2.30 and reached around 4.00am.

Crew: Shrikant and Kamal

Riders: Romy, Ashutosh, Nikhil, Aman, Tirjak, Chanchal and Vijay

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