[RT Bangalore] Just Ride: Night Out to Shoolagiri – April 15th

Some rides, are good when nothing is planned well in advance, but ‘Just Ride’. Rides wherein a group of friends come up with a sudden thought to ride and they ‘Just Ride’. When you need a break from things around and to be with yourself, you ‘Just Ride’. ‘Just Ride’: When any of our RT members, would want to make a spontaneous ride, and also would want to share the same riding experience with our other members and also to find riding companions we have this concept of ‘Just Ride’.

After our recent Just Ride’ the Temple Run , it’s time for another Just Ride! This time we will be riding to Shoolagiri CCD in the night and all are welcome to join us! Members have to help themselves at the Mc Donalds/CCD. Approx expenses 200/- INR

Starting point: Indian Oil Pertrol Pump after ElectronicCity Elevated Toll

Assembly and briefing: 8:45pm
Start of ride: 9:00pm
Start of return ride: 12:00pm

For any queries, please contact
Ride captain & RT Crew: Anirban +919916805874

Note: Helmets and Shoes for both riders and pillions are compulsory. Riding jackets/body armor is preferred. Carry all relevant bike documents and personal IDs. Tank up on fuel and carry sufficient cash for related expenses.

Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/362821117445823/

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