Road Thrill Hyderabad – Night Ride by 35 Shanenshas

Road Thrill Hyderabad Night Ride: Right from my childhood days I was really fasinated by the Movie “Shahensha” I’m sure all would relate to the song ” Andheri raton main ….sunsan raho per …..use log Shanensha kahte hain” I had the same feeling on 29th night the only difference was this time it was brotherhood of 35+ Shanensha’s 😀.

The much awaited night ride kikcked off from our own Nehru zoo park at 9.45 pm before ride our beloved admins Salman Bhai , Ubaid Bhai took charge as Varun Bhai was expected to join a bit late from different joining point.

We gathered , changed our shirts with #white RT t shirts which some of us prebooked and after a quick photo session we were about to start and was surprised to see Varun Bhai zooming in …all were excited …Varun Bhai quickly briefied the group and we started the ride.

I was sceptical about the ride as it was my first night ride and second on the bullet I was not sure how I will drive in night tough distance was approx 75 km one side. we all drove and had few haults at planned spots were our other brothers were waiting eagerly.

As we cruised we were welcomed by cool breeze Which was a relif and the night really started to get exciting when a splash of rain hit us…it was a wow moment all bullets thundering in rain ….uffffff…….the ride got smoother as we were on one of the best higways towards Bangalore…the excitement soon touched peek level when we faced heavy wind and literally our Bullets we’re literally vibrating due to wind.

We reached our finish point at MCourt where Varun Bhai and others made perfect plan for arranging a BBQ dinner . After reaching the court we had a quick briefing about future plans and followed by dinner and gupshup. We clebrated our brothers Irtiza’s Birthday by cutting cake and pasting it …it was fun….

After relaxing we started back after having a cup of hot tea and I personally liked the reutn journey as the roads were amazing all of us were following group driving rules/formations Marshals , Sweeps doing amazing job, lead and photography crew were​ perfect on spots to capture the glimpses .

It was an amazing experience and would like to thank all the Admis of Road Thrill Hyderabad for there planning and organizing this event and to all my bothers who gave me an unforetable experience…

Loved the company of my old buddies Sachin Dandotiya bhai Ravindra Sharma Bhai. Made some new friends..

How can I forget to thank Paramjeet Wasu bhai for lending his bullet for my ride…( Missed you Bhai).

To sum it up this is how our life should be…

Thanks guys … hoping to see you all in the next planned events with Road Thrill Hyderabad.

Few lines by Dear Manish Khandat‎ 

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