Castrol Power1 Cruise Long Rides & Review

Castrol Power1 Cruise Long Rides & Review: Some rides do push the bike as well as rider’s limits. When I think about long rides first one which comes to my mind is the 750 km Kaza to Delhi stretch which we covered in 36 hours and then the 910 km Bangalore – BR Hills – Palakkad – Bangalore ride in 21 hours by 6 of us. Its not about racing or clocking more number of KM, but the adrenaline rush which you get that once you sit on the bike and start your engine, you don’t want to stop anymore. And on such rides along with fitness of the rider, the bike and the engine condition make a lot of difference. We also do love breakdowns which is an other story altogether, and during breakdowns is when true brotherhood comes live, especially on group rides 🙂

Castrol Power 1 Cruise Long Rides & Review

Being a Castrol Power biker, I did attended the power bikers event in Mumbai last year and being an avid Royal Enfield rider, my first question there was does Castrol  have a specific Royal Enfield specific 15w50 engine oil meant for long rides. A year later I see the release of Castrol Power1 Cruise and I am glad to be one of the first users of this engine oil.

Royal Enfield One Ride 2017: As many other Royal Enfield enthusiasts, we at Road Thrill were also gearing up for this ride in all our chapters, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi and Chennai. No idea what magic our Hyderabad Admin Varun Singh Dewal, had been doing to promote our ride in Hyderabad, the number of participants there  had been increasing day by day and was above 100+ rides by the ride date. Comparatively being a new chapter few of us from Bangalore wanted to be there as a support to test this new engine oil, nothing better than this Bangalore – Hyderabad – Bangalore stretch.


Started One Ride on April 3rd from Bangalore to Hyderabad covering 600+ km along with our dear rider photographers Dinesh Maligachar and Bharath Reddy, our bikes were at 100 and 100+, thanks to the bikes performance, the very much needed on-demand performance on those hills, curve and at those good speeds. I can feel the difference and the engine was just makhan, thanks to the complimentary Castrol Power1 Cruise engine oil J which I just changed before the start of ride. The irony is that it took us around 9 hours to cover 600 km and 2 hours to reach our distination within the city which is just 18 km. However rejuvenated again with the evening meet of our old riding buddies and a con-call to plan up things for the next day, we were geared up.


One Ride In Hyderabad: The ride in Hyderabad was special to me as here it is where all my group riding has started 10 years back during college days.  I had been counting days to ride again here. The ride started at 6:00 AM at Tank Bund after our breifing about hand signals, lane discipline, route brief, riding squad and introduction for the day’s ride. With so many Royal Enfield’s ridging in sync with LIGHTS ON (For group communication) on the roads of Hyderabad it was indeed bliss to see for any passerby.  A quick breakfast at Telangana Tourism’s Haritha Resort we rode to the Shamirpet Lake for a group picture and some off roading. One of the best organised rides by our RT Hyderabad team which was joined by HUB and many others.



It was 2 PM, by the time riders dispersed and three of us started back to Bangalore from Hyderabad. Lesser pitstops, faster speeds and some blessings of the rain on some stretches we reached the city by Night after one of the best memorable rides in all time. Thanks to our wonderful host Varun Singh Dewal, Road Thrill Hyderabad Chapter, Dinesh Maligachar, Bharath Reddy and also Castrol Power1 Cruise for triggering this ride plan. ‘3 of us 2 days and 1300km – Overtaking a Jaguar and a Train ;-)’

Can’t wait more for our Three Chapter Meet on June 10th and 11th in Dandeli, which is again going to be a 900+ km ride for us in Bangalore and much more for riders from Hyderabad and Pune.


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