RT Pune: Day Ride to Mayureshwar

Wow… …awesome weather, beautiful roads and off course amazing people, I would say that was perfect!! We all started at 6.45am towards Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctury straight with one tea break (much needed fuel for us). Reached the location by 9.00am … Went through some rough roads inside the sanctuary .That place was really amazing … Started from there by 10am with a mind set of taking a bigger route via Nira back to Pune , but got stuck in a bad traffic jam so had to detour. To our surprise the road that we took was a off roading track by the canal leading us to ghat roads via Jejuri NH 61 … Ahh what an experience that was!! . As we were getting closer to Pune, it started drizzling and we reached a good point where we could see Pune city…clicked few pictures from that point. Reached Pune by 12.45pm. We were 9 riders Shrikant Joshi Romy Sharma Ajinkya Patil Vignesh RU Sumedh Kalne Dhirendra Singh Rajpurohit Bhushan Patil Swapna Chodhri Dalvi Kamal Chodhri


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