ROAD THRILL CODE: Love – Peace – Respect


There is a breed of people in the 20th century. They have few things in common among them like Love, Peace and Respect to each other among the clan. They have a bonding, a brotherhood among themselves which only they can relate to and understand. They invariably come along and have an aura which create a brotherhood around. They are called Riders‘ they are the motorcyclists of our times. I belong to one of such clan called Road Thrill Community. A lifestyle in itself.
I am the proud member of Road Thrill. When I say that, I practice the values laid by our founding brothers. I respect the principles and guidelines of the club. I take pride and honor wearing the club patch or the flag, which are a symbol of belonging and heritage. When I lead, marshal or sweep, the responsibility bestowed upon me by the brothers that have done before, it embodies the trust of those I have to protect on the road. In the absence of others, I will take charge, lead my teammates and accomplish the mission. I lead by example in all situations. I will never quit. I owe my loyalty to the club and it echoes each time I say RTFFRT which stands for Road Thrill Forever Forever Road Thrill. 
On the road I take complete responsibility of my safety and also the safety of the brother riding next to me. I ensure no one is left behind. I will stick with my brothers in breakdowns on road and off road. Together we start a ride and together we complete the ride. Together we are strong and we ride in a pack. We do not talk about three things religion, language and politics as they have got nothing to do with the cause for which we have united ie. motorcycling. I do not stunt, race, show off among brothers for which they do not show any respect. I respect each and everyone who rides along with me as we together as Road Thrill family. With brothers we Ride As One as we don’t have a first among equals in our way of life.

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