ROAD THRILL CODE: Love – Peace – Respect


Road Thrill is a medium that brings together a gathering of happy people. We meet, travel and discover to bust the stress and get away from the mundane professional assignments. So, as we seek to gain peace and explore the vast canvas of things around us, it is in the prudence of all of us to detach ourselves from any rough attitudes, ego and heroism, for they are the potential spoil sports everywhere.

  • As a Road Thrill member you take personal responsibility for your conduct individually and as a member of Road Thrill: Community. You agree to maintain respect to oneself and towards others.
  • Road Thrill maintains a high respect and regard towards our female members. There is a firm expectation from members not to breach the comfort zone of our female members, failing which, appropriate actions will be initiated.
  • There is no scope for Racing / Stunting or any form of ruthless / unethical riding on our regular rides. We can suggest the right groups for you, Road Thrill however is not meant for you if such are your interests. Please do understand, your actions have the power of intentionally or unintentionally affecting someone to the extent of harming the individuals.

Road Thrill Code: We do not want below rights activists involving in any of the activities and if necessary, the member shall be banned from Road Thrill’s entire community and network permanently without any notice.

  • Hate Speech / Religious Remarks / Propaganda/ Political Debates / Linguistic Perspectives / Sexist Remarks / Drug Peddlers

Following are the points to be noted while single female rider/pillion with Road Thrill Code.

  1. Road thrill always treat female pillions equally in comparison with their male riders thereby its responsibility of the female pillions to adhere to all safety rules and hand signals to be worn at the time ride.
  2. Any female rider had to deal with intrusion, both verbally and physically from any ride team members. She should raise the concern to the Ride Lead against he/she member. Issue will be resolved amicably by the Admin Team. Also its the duty of the female rider to raise the issue without turbulence while the ride.
  3. Female pillions should adhere to the safety rules as mentioned in the safety section irrespective of the longevity of the ride.


Best Regards, Road Thrill Admin Team

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