Road Thrill Delhi – Breakfast Ride to Shiva Dhabha

We at #RTDelhi started our ride at 5.30 am from Pitampura metro station to  Sonipat, Haryana.

As usual we started our journey after a small prayer. Suddenly Rishi noticed there was puncture on his machines front wheel but fortunately there is puncture work shop near by our starting point. But the boy who is working there was sleeping. the man who was selling tea near by his puncture shop tried to wake up this boy, after 15 mins of shouting he woke up with some anger in his eyes 🙂 After seeing all of us and bullets he said without any sentiments “I am not aware of removing bullet tyre”. All our riding dreams were freezed for sometimes. But the tea seller help as again he ask as to go a kilometer away and there is a puncture shop. We took the injured machine there changed his tube and started our ride by 6.30am.

On the way we stopped for our fellow rider Lakshya where we met this saint who was carrying a snake with him. Myself had a bad phobia on snakes and by seeing this snake I started feeling uneasy and trying to run away from there. Some how Mohit bhai and harsh bhai made the saint took things under control and moved the person and we started our journey.

We have reached our destination in another 30 mins and from there we satisfied our cravings for yummy parathas moreover we had the discussions about our upcoming rides and dream ride to Ladakh. After spending few hours at Shiva Dhaba we started our return ride to Delhi. A suddenly planned short and sweet ride was this.

Members who joined in.

1.Lakshya. (Riding Squad)
2.Harsh. (Riding Squad)
3.Mohit. (Riding Squad)
9 .Jeetu

For #RTDelhi,

Prateesh , RT Crew

Picture Courtesy: Prady Sharma

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