Road Thrill Community Facebook Group Guidelines

>>>>>>>Road Thrill: Community Guidelines<<<<<<<

Along with the growth of Road Thrill here comes some streamlining and process for the effective functioning of our Facebook group. Some new ways of operations henceforth, please go through.

1. New Posts: All new posts will be created by RT Admins/RT Crew related to events. Updates about the same event discussions, members lists, any changes etc will be posted as comments to the same post. 
2. Threads!! This is a new method we are putting in place to have all common and related information at one place. Many a times important posts will be lost or the same kind of questions will be asked again and again and also to avoid duplication.

1. New Members Introduction:

2. Members Chit Chat:

3. Riding Related Technical Questions/Discussions:

4. RT Announcements:

5. Selling – Buying – Personal Ads – Non RT Events:

6. Birthday Wishes:

7. RT Womens Group:

Note: Our facebook group is a ‘Closed Group’ and all the posts/discussions/threads are visible only to members in the group and not to everyone on facebook.

As required in the future our Admin Team will be creating exclusive threads. Thank you for your cooperation and support in making RT a better place as we keep spreading the joy of riding and travel within and beyond!

You can always reach out to our Team for any clarifications, suggestions and initiatives!!

>>>>>>>Love and Regards, RT Admin Team<<<<<<<

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