Rain Riding Tips for the Monsoons

I’m ready to ride through the storm, are you? Some Rain Riding Tips: Riding in the rain is not only challenging but doubly hard. Your vision is impaired by spattering raindrops even on the finest visor, Noise recognition is limited to your own engine roaring and rain pouring, more vulnerable to everybody else’s misjudgment, it’s just a rainy day thrill ride/drive for them, can’t avoid the existence of good/bad/waterlogged roads, ignorant passerbys, unwanted surprises.

As on normal riding, even for rain riding, my humble advice, please stick to your lanes, adhere to traffic rules even if nobody else is, it’s difficult but it’s safer, pull those brakes, down shift that gear, slow down and over take from right, if you are fast, overtake from the fastest lane ie extreme right lane bikers not the opposite, it’s not left. Don’t get carried away by everything else on the road which is not greater than your own safety. Even with such precautions and concentration you can have a blissful rainy ride, I promise. Ok Now you are ready, go have an awesome monsoon rain riding 🙂

By – Sonia Jain    Limca Book Record Holder | Athlete | Rider | Traveler | Marketing Professional

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