Road Thrill: Merchandise, September 2017

We are getting our RT Merchandise printed shortly, all the interested members who have already completed 1 meet and 1 ride with RT can register yourself for RT merchandise.

Merchandise Details:
1. Round Neck Tshirt/V Neck (Black/White) – 180GSM/100% Riick Cotton/Biowash – With Member Name & Blood Group

With Prints – Chapter Name, Member Name and Blood Group

2. Road Thrill Community Badge
3. Road Thrill Community Sticker
4. Road Thrill – RIDE SAFE RIDE LONG Sticker
5. Road Thrill Wrist Band

Cost: 375/-

Mode of Payment: PAYTM (Request Details from Chapter Admins)


>>>Last date to Register for RT Merchandise – Sep 30th<<<
>>>Merchandise will be sent to Chapter Admins by mid-next month, you can collect the same on our meets<<<<

We are planning to have our Merchandise printed once every 3 months. Kindly note that we cannot extend the last date for this batch however the next batch will be in Jan 2018.

Note 1: Requesting everyone to double check the spellings as the current t-shirts involve a lot of customization and you do not want your names or blood groups misspelt 

Note 2: All lists regarding merchandise will be posted to this thread as comments. Please check the same.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Best Regards, Road Thrill Admin Team!

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