Road Thrill Pune Celebrates Gandhi Jayanthi

Oct 2nd, 2017: A day to celebrate, A day to cherish, A day to be proud of and A day of new learning for many of our RT Pune members this Gandhi Jayanthi. Members from Road Thrill Pune have visited the National Institute of Naturopathy (NIN) in the morning for a session on Gandhian way of life and the ride flag of by Director of NIN Prof (Dr) K. Satya Laxmi – Gov Of India.

Prof (Dr) K. Satya Laxmi and Mr. Kamal Chodri

Our members from NIN rode to Urli Kanchan and visited the Naturopathy Center (Nisarg Upchar Ashram) started by Mahatma Gandhi and his disciple Manibhai Desai. A unique experience to be at this place where Mahatma Gandhi stayed for 8 days where he treated hundreds of patients along with his disciples. His drawings, pictures and his personal belongings are preserved to this day.

Honorable Mukta Tilak, Mayor Pune City along with RT Pune Members

The Gandhian Ride by Road Thrill Pune, culminated back in the NIN, where the Honorable Mayor of Pune City, Mukta Tilak met our members, graced the event. Mr. Kamal Chodhri Road Thrill Pune, while sharing his experiences, expressed his gratitude to NIN for the special day. Event was initiated by Dr. Boris, driven by Road Thrill Pune Crew Dr. Nikhil Yadav, supported and contributed to the success by each and every member from Road Thrill Pune.

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