RT Bengaluru: Highway Throttle to Belur

Hello All,

Inviting all RT Bengaluru Members for this Day Ride to Belur on 15th, October. This is a proper highway ride of more than 200km one way and all riding gears are mandatory. #ATGATT. We will be visiting some historic temples at Belur, meet our members from #RTShivamogga, rider together to Halibidu and return to Bangalore.

@@@@@@@@@@ Ride Details @@@@@@@@@@:

Destination: Belur Halebidu
One way Distance: ~ 200km

4:45 AM: Assembly & Breifing
5:00 AM: Ride Flag Off
Pitstops for Breakfast – Places Visists – Lunch
Return to Bangalore: 4:00 PM

Cost for Breakfast and Lunch would be approx 250/- self payable at out Breakfast and Lunch Pitstops.

Contact Numbers of Riding Squad will be posted in Due Time!

Note: First Timers to Road Thrill, Please fill in the member registration form in the event tickets link.

@@@@@@@@@ RIDING NORMS @@@@@@@@@

1. Straight line formation/ Staggered Formation with speed limits from 70 to 90 kph
2. Carry required cash (toll /Breakfast/etc), TANK UP fuel, Bike documents and a personal ID.
3. Please be ON or before the time at the starting points.
4. The road is prone to accidents and you are responsible for your own safety hence no stunts overtaking, speeding, etc
5. Consumption of Alcohol/Intoxication is strictly prohibited.

@@@ RIDING GEARS and Checks>> Mandatory <<@@@

1. Full face Helmets for Both Riders and Pillions (Full Face Preferred)
2. Hand Gloves, Jackets, Knee and Elbow Pads (Mandatory)
3. Full shoes for both Riders and Pillions (Mandatory)
4. Make sure your motorcycle is in good condition and you are carrying required spares, documents and fuel.
5. Any bike above 180 CC is welcome to join in.

IMP NOTE: Anyone not respecting the code for the Riding Gears and RT Code will be told to leave the group immediately. This is not only for your safety but for the safety of everyone on the road and a discipline we practice among our group.

Feel Free to SHARE the event and INVITE your friends along!!

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Best Regards,
Admin Team – Road Thrill Bengaluru
Arun Hilson Sandeep Kc Lohith Bittira

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