Road Thrill Coimbatore: Breakfast Meet at Udupi Ruchi – Oct 8th

A sweet and short ride today morning by #RTCoimbatore! Ride lead by Dr. Senthil Kumar and joined by our dear members from the chapter. Cheers to Mohinder ji despite of getting delayed attending duty at the hospital made to the destination to meet us. Welcome to our first time rider beloved Dr. Mani who joined on his restored 1972 Java. Time well spent at Udupi Ruchi, see you all again. THANK YOU!!

Happy Sunday 😎today’s ride to Uduppi ruchi was awesome

At the  roadways toll Karumathampatti! 

Our beloved Dr Mani on his 1972 restored java n we buddies

This is our Mohider ji had  an important call at the Hospital to attend a patient so he couldn’t start with us and he joined us for the breakfast on the highway @Uduppi ruchi…So nice of him THANK YOU GOD BLESS U

Selfie Time, Dr. Seran 🙂

Selfie time, Dr. Senthil Kumar 🙂 Admin Road Thrill Coimbatore

The rides shall continue again..

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