Explore the Unexplored: Pune to Lonavala Ride

Explore the unexplored – Yes #RTPune did something different on 8th Oct 2017 on this Pune to Lonavala Ride.

This is how the sequence got unfolded

9.00am: #RTMumbai and #RTPune meet over a breakfast for this Pune to Lonavala. Surprise birthday was celebrated for UmeshAshitosh and Sumedh. Both groups decided a common ride to Lion’s point. Few bikers from #RTMumbai decided to go back, some continued. Riders then reached Lion’s point and gupshup begins, introduction, past rides and stories. Also, the hot topic Rider Mania ride plan.

11.00am: #RTPune decided to start return journey from this Pune to Lonavala ride and countryside route was recommended by our dear Google BABA. #RTMumbai decided to return back and follow highway route. SUN was up at the peak, road were not that great and keeping our riding speed at 20KMPH. After one hour, we realized we were lost and no mobile network or a sole on the road to guide us – NOW WHAT?

We decided to continue and will stop at a place to buy water, as riders were completely dehydrated. Soon the gang saw one waterfall and scenic view inviting us to take rest under the trees. It was time to take a decision “ride back home” or “enjoy the nature”,

Pune to Lonavala Bike Ride by RT Pune Motorcycle Club

Decision was obvious, explore the unexplored – Now its Pune to Lonavala and Beyond

01.00 pm: Our ride captian found a route to a lake where only 3 families were staying. While photographers found their “OBJECTs”, few found corners around the trees and some went on the lake side for some foot SPA. @Ajinkya and Abhay visited a nearby house, arranged for water and requested for homemade food. #chitchat at all levels had started, college’s talks were amazing. Weather was also with us, it started getting windy and rainy.

Riders were hungry and camped outside the house waiting for food. True hospitality was felt from heart, everything that was available in that house was served to us and some of our riders managed to finish the local #Pickle(THECHA) and some of us enjoyed hot black tea in rainy weather.

4.00pm: Time to leave and go back home, ride started towards Pune. Then came strong rains and dark clouds. We continued and reached the highway later took a pitstop for tea. Soon after tea and dispersion talks, we started towards our home and reached around 7.00pm

Event that this Pune to Lonavala ride was planned for 6 hours turns out to be 12 hours, truly on public demand

Amazing photography from MayankAbinash Nayak, Avinash, AjinkyaPratikDhirendra

Happy Birthday 🙂

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  • March 3, 2020 at 12:14 pm

    Wonderful blog!! Very well described and the pictures are extremely beautiful..


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