Highway Throttle: Road Thrill Bengaluru’s Ride to Belur

When everyone was anxious about what was happening to Bengaluru and the rain havoc continued, roads flooded with water, there was one group of dedicated people gearing up for an adventure ride.

Yes, the riders of RT Bengaluru were all set to hit the road to meet fellow riders of RT Shivamogga at Belur.

Nothing can stop RT riders – not the rain, not any breakdowns – was the key takeaway of this ride.

15th Oct 2017

We always start the day with greeting each other and briefing everyone about the itinerary, pit stops and hand signals. We had a couple of new riders joining for the first time. JP addressed the gathering and spoke about the safety rules we follow on every ride.

The ride then started at 5.30AM from the starting point at Tumkur Main road, “Popular Automatch”.

22 riders, 20 bikes, 1 lead, 1 marshal and 1 sweep – all excited and ready to face the rains and meet up RT Shivamogga.

JP, the ‘lead’
Sandy Bhai, the ‘Marshal’
Anirban (Sweep) and Myself (on the right)
RT Bengaluru Riders

The ride was smooth and everyone followed the RT road disciplines. There was slight drizzling till Nelamangala, and then the Gods of rain decided to let us ride. The weather was pleasant, accompanied by a slight, cool breeze.

Then our official photographer Vinod bhai came into action. It was the DSLR’s time to play. Arun Bhai and Vinod Bhai started capturing some great pictures.

Our first pit stop was at Kannasandra,  which was 60 kms from the starting point. Due to heavy rains, the roads were slippery. Bikers automatically reduced speed. 10 kms before the first pit stop, we had trouble with Prabhu Sir’s bike. I saw his front wheel wobbling and losing control. Hats off to his control which saved him from a bad fall, twice. Anirban then checked the bike and found some issue with the alignment. We then had to manage riding until the pitstop to check the bike completely.

After reaching the pitstop, Prabhu sir decided to return home as the bike was not in condition to travel that far. Then came one more problem. Our new rider, Chaitanya’s bike was not able to rev more than 3000 RPM. Thanks to Vinod, who figured that the culprit was a ‘sunglasses box’ kept inside the air filter deck under the seat 🙂 After these incidents, everyone realised that their stomachs were rumbling. We then started riding towards the breakfast point.

Special thanks to Highway Delite, our highway partner, who suggested “Hotel Mayura” that catered delicious breakfast. This was a 50 kms ride from the first pitstop.

Breakfast Point

After relishing masala dosa, idly ,vada & kesri bath, it was indeed a big challenge for us to ride the next 100 kms to reach our destination. But, we soon geared up after breakfast.

Yummy Breakfast combo

The roads were really good after the breakfast point and we all were energised to reach Belur.

This is how we ride!


Just 20 kms prior to reaching Belur, we encountered some bad roads.

We reached Belur at 11.00 A.M and waited to welcome RT Shivamogga. Meanwhile, our folks engaged in elaborate photo sessions.

Crazy Clicks

Then, riders of RT Shivamogga arrived. We welcomed them with a smile and captured few more beautiful pictures.

RT Bengaluru with RT Shivamogga

It was the first meet for both the crews and the admins then spoke about the origin of Road thrill and how RT Bengaluru works. Then we had an introductory session from both teams and shared some info on the upcoming rides and meets. The weekend was well spent, meeting our newest folks. After this, we visited the Belur temple and then left to a nearby place to have our lunch together.

Clicks at Belur

Both RT Bengaluru and RT Shivamogga decided to have food at “Hotel Majestic” in Belur. All hungry stomachs feasted on delicious biryani.

Lunch time 🙂

Soon after lunch, we had to disperse, fearing the arrival of rain. We then headed towards Bengaluru.

It’s always quicker to ride back towards home. We have less breaks and more energy to go back home. Both rain and traffic was in our favour. The complete route was filled with greenery. We completed the journey with 2 pit stops and decided that Nelamangala last toll will be our exit point. So people from south bangalore can access the Nice road junction to reach quicker. We reached the exit point at 5.50 PM.

That completed a ride of 430 kms with lot of memories to carry and cherish.Our admins expressed their happiness about the ride and every one then left the place with a great smiles on their faces.

Our Blog cannot be complete without thanking the Photographers who give us such good memories in the form of pictures. Special thanks to Vinod Bhai, Arun Bhai, Lohith bhai and Mamatha for such wonderful photography. (Apologies if I’ve missed mentioning anyone out here. We all smile because of you :))

And thanks to the lead JP, marshal Sandy and sweep Anirban for taking care of safety, like always.

And a very special thanks to all the riders who took an active part in this ride to add to RT’s success story. I end this blog with one last picture of RT Bengaluru and RT Shivamogga.


Cheers! Until the next time…


RT Bengaluru Blogging team

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  • October 20, 2017 at 4:45 pm

    Well written, little brother! It was nice riding with you 🙂


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