Road Thrill Pune: Ride to Madhe Ghat Waterfalls

Ride to Madhe Ghat Waterfalls: The best and exciting part, everybody that had confirmed had reached before time, soon after briefing 12 of us left at 6.23am. When the start was so good everything had to be great. While going we decided to take village and hills roads to enjoy the view and hope to see some clouds while crossing mountains. Roads were good and we were able to keep an average speed of 35-40kmph, was fun to overtake jeeps and villagers while the kids waved at us. 

Breakfast was served at the hill top by a couple who welcomed us and served poha and bhajiya with lot of green chilies. Chit chat over plastic bikes and metal bike continued and took lot of fun time. After nearly one hour break we realized we were late for our final destination, hence decided no pitstop until final destination.

After 50 min ride we managed to reach the Madhe ghat waterfalls and were surprised to see no road but only mud, and water to ride. Pillions were unhappy as we made them to walk, however safety is more important. Like kids we started playing in the water and some of us decided to visit another waterfall that is very famous and needs 20 min trekking time. 8 of them visited and returned after 45 min and others were busy talking about past and upcoming rides. While leaving we spotted a nail in the tubeless tyre which made us little nervous about our ride and route that we had planned for the day.

We met Ziggy, wish he could stay and travel with us on every ride. You can spot him in our pictures. His parents waved to us and we left Madhe Ghats at 11.45am for Bhutonde ghats. After 1 hour, one of our dear pillion was exhausted and needed some water. Soon after 20 min rest everybody started by 12.50pm and decided to stop for lunch at a simple yet friendly hotel. Soon after 20 min we spotted Bhatghar Dam and started looking for every road that would lead us to the water and see some fishes. Little off-road and we were in a valley where only one bike or a person could pass. While enjoying the nature we spotted a boat and played around it. We left in 30 min and started looking for a hotel to feed 12 hungry and thirsty riders.

With no mobile network our GOOGLE baba was not reachable, hence the local villager helped us with a 2 km cheat road that had grass and would save 20KM. We followed their advice and reached the highway in 30 min and were constantly riding at 70kmph. All the hotels were full due to end of vacation time. We finally stopped at a big hotel near KHED later on realised it had only one person to cook and serve. We have survived after eating that food is good enough to explain our experience. We started our dispersion talks and left towards our home.

Learning: carry sufficient water and biscuits to avoid dehydration, always stop at running hotels/ dabhas.

Madhe Ghat Waterfalls Views
Madhe Ghat Waterfalls


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