Family Trip to BanavasiTemple from Kadamba Dynasty

Exploring new places is always fun.  This time I happen to visit Banavasi which is a small town 25kms away from Sirsi (Karwar District) along with Banavasi Temple.

Date: 12th Feb 2017

Places visited: Sirsi Marikamba Temple, Sirsi and Madhukeshwara Temple, Banavasi

Mode of Transport: Public Transport


My family and I were in Sirsi for one of my cousin’s wedding. Post visiting the famous “Sri Marikamba Temple” at Sirsi, we planned a short day trip to the next day.

Marikamba Temple SirsiMy Family at Marikamba Temple, Sirsi

We relied on public transport as there were ample buses that keep plying between Sirsi and Banavasi and would take only 30-40 mins by bus.

Banavasi is amongst oldest towns in Karnataka having a great history dating back to 345 A.D and once happened to be the capital of the Kadamba Dynasty.

A very good place if you are keen to explore history. The major place of attraction here is the historical Madhukeshwara Temple.

banavasi-templeEntrance of the Temple (pic taken from Google)


My Parents at Banavasi TempleMy parents at the temple entrance


Banavasi TempleBanavasi Temple Campus


Shivaling at Banavasi TempleThe Shivaling at Banavasi Temple


Monolith Nandi at Banavasi TempleThe Monolith Nandi


with Family at BanavasiFamily Selfie with the Monolith Nandi


Madhukeshwara TempleBanavasi Temple Campus


Banavasi Temple 1700 years oldThe 1700 year old Temple Architecture


Single Stone MantapThe Single Stone Mantap in Banavasi


Single Stone CotSingle Stone cot – Banavasi


Saakshi GanapathiParents Pic with the Saakshi Ganapathi

The locals believe that, “If you don’t see the Saakshi Ganapathi then there is no proof of your visit to Madhukeshwara Temple”

Saakshi means “Proof”


Stone chariotThe Stone Chariot at Banavasi


at the banks of Varada RiverAt the Banks of Varada River in Banavasi

It was good time spent with family at Banavasi.

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Stay safe and stay tuned until I blog my next travel story.


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