Rajasthan Ride: Shekhawati – Jaipur – BITS Pilani

A Rajasthan Ride: Though it was an official trip to BITS Pilani. How can I miss enjoying colors of Rajasthan? Typically Rajasthan is classified into several parts. Jodhpur area is Marward, Chittor is Mewad, Kota is Hadoti, Jaipur is Dhundhad, Bikaner is Bikana, Sikar is Shekhawati. I was traveling into the Shekhawati belt (Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Chirawa, Pilani)

I Started early in the morning at 5:30 AM on 30th October. Roads were clean, the sun was raising and spreading its colors all over. Roads from Jaipur to Pilani are really good with very less traffic and road condition is also good. Total journey is of around 230 KMs drive.


People started their day. Some were traveling for their work, kids going to school.

We stopped at a tea stall to have a quick cup of tea. Now we’re around 115 Kms from Pilani near Sikar (The Shekhawati Land)IMG20171030074202-01[1]

Luckily I met one person riding 97 Model Royal Enfield – Electra. On my request he allowed me to ride the bike (just for the picture). Superly maintained bike and the condition of the bike was telling about his love the bike.

Rajasthan Ride and Rajasthan Roads - Varun Singh Dewal

*This ride was a joy ride of 25 meters only and just for the click. I am sorry for not wearing a helmet.

After this short break of 15 mins, we started again journey to Pilani. Now it for breakfast and I asked the driver to take me to roadside dhabha. Now we’re just 30-40 kms off the Pilani. We stopped at a roadside dhaba and the owner of dhabha amazed me by his creativity. Food was typical desi in taste and I loved Aloo Pyaaz Parantha after a long time. We started again toward Pilani.

So finally we reached BITS Pilani and this short and beautiful journey Rajasthan Ride ended here. But I will come back soon with tales of BITS Pilani and my Stay here in Pilani and my native place “Dhani”.

BITS Pilani Campus Rajasthan Picture


Varun Singh Dewal,

Admin/Moderator – RT Hyderabad

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