Long Motorcycle Rides – Things To Carry

Here’s a list of what to check for and carry on Long Motorcycle Rides with Road Thrill. Many of these points are in common with what we carry for our day rides, just rides and short rides.


  • Your motorcycle should be in good running condition. Since a Long Motorcycle Ride usually means long hours of riding at highway speeds, you need to make sure there are no major issues and all niggling faults are ironed out. Get it serviced if needed.
  • A full tank always for Long Motorcycle Rides. Very important. For those of you who do not have a fuel indicator (a compromise some RE lovers like me are willing to make) it is very important to know your bike’s fuel consumption and refuel on time.
  • All vehicle documents. Check their validity.
  • Carry spare control cables, fuses, spark plugs, bulbs.
  • Your vehicle’s OEM toolkit.
  • Chain lube
  • Make sure your motorcycle luggage (saddlebags, tailbags, tankbags) are properly mounted.
  • The Riding Squad will usually carry support equipment for punctures and other minor breakdowns. The relevant information will be shared on social media before the ride. It is still advisable to get your own stuff just in case your bike is different from what the majority are riding.


  • Clothing appropriate to the destination we are riding to. Avoid over-packing but do not skimp on the essentials.
  • A personal ID
  • Riding gear. Absolutely, totally, completely mandatory for Long Motorcycle Rides. For both rider and pillion. Helmets, jacket/body armour, knee pads, gloves and shoes (yes that includes female pillions too). No track pants or slippers please. No gear, no ride.
  • Rain gear
  • Sufficient cash. You may not find an ATM anywhere nearby our destination.
  • The Riding Squad will usually carry a basic medical kit; however in case you are on medication or even otherwise, please bring your own kit.
  • Waterproof pouches to store your wallet, phone and other essentials.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Personal travel kit.


It is advisable to keep one or two points of contact on the ride itself as well as back home. A lot of the places for Long Motorcycle Rides we ride out to, don’t have sufficient network and in such cases your folks back home can get worried pretty quickly. A single point of contact (POC) can help in conveying a message to all the families back home, even if its through WhatsApp or a text message. Contact the Riding Squad for any help.

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