Short Rides and Just Rides – Things To Carry

Here’s a list of checks and what to carry on Short Rides, Day Rides or Just Ride with Road Thrill!!


  • A full tank. Yes, it is really annoying when someone needs to refuel right at the start of even Short Rides.
  • Make sure your motorcycle is in good condition; if needed get it serviced beforehand.
  • Carry a few basic spares such as control cables, spark plugs and fuses.
  • Your vehicle OEM toolkit (usually it will be locked away in your motorcycle itself).
  • All vehicle documents. Check their validity.
  • The Road Thrill riding squad usually carries basic support equipment for all rides but it is advisable to bring your own spares even on Short Rides.


  • Riding gear. Absolutely, totally, completely mandatory. For both rider and pillion. Helmets, jacket/body armour, knee pads, gloves and shoes (yes that includes female pillions too). No track pants or slippers please. No gear, no ride. Even for Short Rides.
  • A personal ID
  • Rain gear wherever applicable even for Short Rides.
  • Waterproof pouches for your wallet, phone and other essentials
  • Sufficient cash for all ride related expenses such as breakfast/lunch, chai pitstops, tolls, entry fees at our destinations, etc.
  • Cameras and other equipment as per your choice.
  • Drinking water

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