Just Ride to Thimmappa Swami Betta Twin Rocks

Post our big event “Republic Day Ride with Road Thrill” in Jan’2017, we had a breakfast meet at Hotel Ajantha on 05th Feb’2017 and head out to Thimmappa Swami Betta – Twin Rocks.

We were planning to have a small ride (Just Ride) post the meet-up.  The previous day of the meetup; Lohit Bhai, JP and I were deciding on the destination, when I came across this place “Thimmappa Swami Betta”

After cherishing the moments from the Republic Day ride over the breakfast meet, 7 bikers from Road Thrill, lead by Lohit Bhai set to ride and explore the “Twin Rocks”

Route MapRoute taken

As the traffic on the Mysore Highway was bare minimum; we managed to quickly zoom on the Highway.

Thimmappa Betta is located near Ramanagara which is approximately 70kms from Bangalore.  It’s a small hillock which is known for its “Twin Rocks”. This place is less explored and there is a small temple at the base.

The path besides the temple will lead you to a huge rock, you can ride your bikes on the huge rock; but can’t trek on those “Twin Rocks” but u can capture some splendid photos of the same.

Twin Rocks and our machinesThe Twin Rocks and our Machines


Gokool and Phani at Twin RocksMe and Phani with our Bikes; “Warrior” and “Beast”


Selfie at Thimmappa Betta TempleRK, Lohit, Phani, Srihari, Sanjay, Santosh and Me at the Temple on Thimmappa Betta


at the huge rockRT members with the Twin Rock in the backdrop


Soul Warrior at Thimmappa BettaMy “Warrior” and I with the Twin Rocks


The Redeemer PoseThe Redeemer Pose

Watch the Vlog edited by Santosh Bhai: Click Here

Riding down the huge rock: Click Here

Thank you everyone for the memories at Thimmappa Betta.

Photo Credits: Team Road Thrill

Video Credits: Santosh Bhai



(Soul Warrior)

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