Road Thrill Chennai: Fly or ride?

Road Thrill Chennai: Fly or ride?

Ride type: Day Ride/Breakfast
Date: 03rd December, 2017

Ride in: 05:15 AM
Briefing: 05:30 AM
Ride Out: 05:45 AM

We’ll be riding to Vedanthangal through some beautiful country roads and do a bit of exploration as well.
We’d be visiting our winged buddies who fly thousands of miles every year to this wonderful spot (Vedanthangal).

– Ride formations to be followed sincerely.
– Hand signals to be passed on between riders.
– Overspeeding or rash riding will not be entertained.
– Riding gears is compulsory for both riders as well as pillions.
– Average speed: 80 kmph (approx.)

Ride safe, ride hard!

For further clarification,
Ramya +91 99524 22440
John     +91 99404 35277

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