Road Thrill Pune – A Pankha Ride to Satara Windmills

When Road Thrill Pune launched their event Pankha Ride to Satara Windmills, many people including me were curious to know what this Pankha Ride is ? Let me take you through what Pankha ride actually was 😉

Road Thrill Pune Pankha Ride Teaser Lets take selfie with the Pankha

Ride started on time and Road Thrill Pune and Road Thrill Mumbai jammed up for lot of food, Tea, public demand COFFEE and gupshup. Some pictures would give you a glimpse of what happened during the ride. 37 Riders and 30 bikes made their way to Talegaon and excited were the kids from those villages that waved at us and were equally surprised to see so many machines making super noise for them to gather and point at at us.

It was full of surprises soon after breakfast Road Thrill Mumbai left as they had some commitments back home and office :):) Road Thrill Pune pack wanted to take selfie with Pankha, so they went ahead 30+ KM and enjoyed a new planet.

  At the venue, Satara Windmills


 Dhirendra Bhai’s bike painted with the Ladakh flag



 Come lets have some sandwiches

Lets unveil the mystery behind the Pankha Ride. . . . !!!

 Road Thrill Pune Pankha Ride 🙂 Satara Windmills


 Road Thrill Family with the Pankha

Group managed to reach back by 1.30pm and dispersed at Wakad. This event was completed organised by our special man – DR Nikhil Yadav – and his big supporter Amol Jadhav :):) amazing guy with special powers and energy. Poha master chef was Vikrant Chaudhari supported by Pooja, Payal, Payoja, Anwesa and many others in eating :):)

Sandwich master chef was Pratik assisted by Bhagyashri , Abhishek , Umesh , Abhay and many others . Tea and coffee was severed by Mumbaikars Road Thrill Mumbai. Special guest Dhule Raja Ashitosh

Location was suggested, discovered and guided by our dear rider Manoj. Our crew that made the ride safe and sound Mayank , Ashutosh , Gowtham, Pratik , Dhirendra , Prakash and Kamal A heartfest thanks to our riders from Mumbai who covered 400+ kms in 12 hours. Looking forward for many more rides – #RTPune and #RTMumbai


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THANK YOU ALL – THANK YOU Admin Teams THANK YOU Highway Delite

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