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How many time have you received or forwarded a blood donation requirement? How many times any of your dear one needed blood and you asked for help? Found blood donors but not the specific match? This app is for you.

Story behind LineLine: Sreejith, an Entrepreneur and Umashanker Raju, CEO of iSteer Technologies, together envisaged the idea of building an application for bringing together the stakeholders of Blood Donation Life Cycle, including Donors, Receivers, Blood Banks, Hospitals, NGOs and civil societies effectively and ensure timely service for tracking Blood Donation – The app is called “LifeLine”.

There was a need for an effective platform which can address the entire eco system, there were other services which connected donors but hardly any which connected all the stakeholders. This situation triggered the need for Lifeline.

Every year lot of people donating blood and yearly approximately 6 Lakh litres of blood gets wasted as it could not reach out to people on time when needed. Vision of LifeLine to be the connector between generous donors and people in need of blood.

What does the LifeLine App offers?

  • Easy registration process.
  • One can donate blood voluntarily.
  • One can request blood for the need people anytime and anywhere.
  • Once a request is made, it reach out to all users using this app. Instead of searching for blood being alone, this App helps a member to send his message to all the other members to make his search easier and faster.
  • Convenient, easy appointment scheduling and rescheduling
  • Receive appointment reminders
  • View donation history to see how many lives you’ve helped save
  • Get geo-targeted blood alerts let you know if your blood type is needed in your area
  • Find local blood drives and donation centers quickly and easily

Vision of the App:

  • This is aimed to be an effective platform that connect users and to facilitate the blood collection from donors during emergencies, facilitate the communication of blood donors with each others, facilitate the communication of blood donors with the Blood Banks, Hospital blood centre.
  • The app also aims to encourage and support community service activities related to Blood Donation through NGOs, College / Institutions, Corporate Social Teams etc.
  • The App has Multi Language Platform, Blood Donation Camps of any size can be completely administered through the App, Blood Bank Inventory control system is available within the app.
  • In the long run, the app is intended to cater to larger purposes of health and well being.

Bikers & Social Causes:

As bikers we are always up for social causes. Same in the case of spreading the word of lifeline app to more people on 22nd Apr 2017, LifeLine had a blood donation drive specific to enthusiastic Bikers with a tagline “Biker Are Life Savers, Donate Blood Save Life”. Event was successful with 500+ footfalls and 98 of Bikers blood donations from more than 10 Biker groups in Bangalore including Road Thrill and Gixxer Club Bengaluru. Thanks to Binay Kumar Patra for coordinating the entire event on behalf of LifeLine.

Blood Donation Drive Bangalore by Bikers

In 2017, many people got help by LifeLine as many users were able to reach out to them. Daily we receive multiple blood requests and able to fulfill the request of the Donor being small in number. When we have more hands joined together, we can save more even with faster response.

Links of the app below:

Play Store Link :

App Store Link :

Some screen shots how the app functions:

Do join us to spread the good word!!

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