Don’t be a Squid Please: Basic Riding Gears Mandatory

Hello All, Please note that Basic Riding Gears are mandatory for all of our rides, event short breakfast ride! Best practices for ride as such #ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) However considering the distances and not to discourage new members, only Basic Riding Gears are made Mandatory for shorter rides or breakfast rides!
– Helmets for both rider and pillion. (Don’t just carry, do wear it all the time)
– Jackets (Proper jackets not pullovers or rain coat covers Please)
– Hand Gloves (Atleast look and behave like a rider in the pics even if your not one, when you ride with a biking group)
– Proper shoes (High heels not for rides, your sneakers are amazing, but please no)
Recommended: ATGATT
– Knee and Elbow Gaurds
– Full face Helmets
– Riding Jackets
Note: Please keep your friends also informed whom anyone of us have invited and might not be aware of such basic riding guidelines.
Anyone not following the basic riding gear guidelines will be told to leave the group at the start point itself. Ride Safety and Basic Common Riding practices by having all gears is responsibility with all of us joining the ride. Please support and help us follow the same. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
PS: Click pictures if you find any SQUIDS without the basic riding gears on any rides and share them to us. We will make them popular across social media 🙂
Best Regards,
Road Thrill Admin Team
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