Royal Enfield One Ride 2018 – April 8th

About The Ride: Royal Enfield riders stand apart with their love for the machine and passion for riding. Like every year, this April, we will celebrate our passion for motorcycling at One Ride 2018. Join the ride on April 8th, 2018 across India in many cities and be a part of the celebration.

The passion and spirit of discovery that is common to every rider is a reason for celebration. Like every year, the first Sunday of April, the annual event that transcends all boundaries and brings together a million riders.

Road Thrill joins the Royal Enfield One Ride 2018 and invites all Royal Enfield passionate riders for the yearly event called by Royal Enfield. We at Road Thrill will also be riding in true Royal Style in all our chapters.

Ride would be a MORNING BREAKFAST RIDE. Time for you to plan your calendar and participate for this epic ride. Stay tuned for more updates on start points, destination and itinerary.

Join in for the One Ride 2018 on April 8th with your friends and be a part of the celebration called riding.

Registration Link, One Ride 2018:

@@@@@@@@@ RIDING NORMS @@@@@@@@@

1. Straight line formation/ Staggered Formation with speed limits from 70 to 90 kph
2. Carry required cash (toll /Breakfast/etc), TANK UP fuel, Bike documents and a personal ID.
3. Please be ON or before the time at the starting points.
4. The road is prone to accidents and you are responsible for your own safety hence no stunts overtaking, speeding, etc
5. Consumption of Alcohol/Intoxication is strictly prohibited.
6. Most Imp: Come with a Big Smile and spread good vibes 🙂

@@@ RIDING GEARS and Checks>>Mandatory<<@@@

1. Full face Helmets for Both Riders and Pillions (Full Face Preferred)
2. Hand Gloves, Jackets, Knee and Elbow Pads (Recommended)
3. Full shoes for both Riders and Pillions (Mandatory)
4. Make sure your motorcycle is in good condition and you are carrying required spares, documents and fuel.

RT Code:

IMP NOTE: Anyone not respecting the code for the Riding Gears and RT Code will be told to leave the group immediately. This is not only for your safety but for the safety of everyone on the road and a discipline we practice among our group.

#OneRide #RoyalEnfield #OneRideWithRT #RoadThrill!

Ride Safe Ride Long,
Road Thrill Admin Team!!

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