Road Thrill Pune – Monsoon Ride to Malshej Ghat

Road Thrill Pune riders decided to ride towards Malshej Ghat just to welcome #monsoon!

It all started two weeks ago when riders decided for Malshej Ghat for weekend ride on 9th and 10th June. Planning started, location was finalized and amazing route was finalized. Hotel booking was made for 9 riders and finally had 13 riders confirmed for this ride. On 8th June excitement was getting to the peak and few riders were concerned about the weather as high rainfall alert were predicted by the government. Some of the riders were so confident about the prediction that they started preparing for the backup plan, however it was sure we will ride.

Road Thrill Pune - Monsoon Ride to Malshej Ghat

Finally on 9th June, 12 riders were finally up for the ride and decided to meet early at 12.30 pm and spend more time on the road taking pictures and enjoying local food at Manchar. The thrill on the road was on its peak, we reached Malshej Ghat at 6.00 pm by taking 5 pitstops for 120KM route .

Pune Riding Club - Road Thrill Pune Motorcycling Group

Excitement was high when members looked at the swimming pool, they could not resist and were inside the pool immediately playing with the ball. Lovely hot snacks and tea were served near the pool. Mehfil started forming and everyone was getting into the peak for sharing great stories and discussion.. Soon after dinner, by 11.00 pm we decided for a ride next morning to enjoy the sunrise at 5.30 am to a nearby place.

On 10th Morning 12 of us were happily surprised to see the weather it was raining and foggy. We started our ride towards a nearby place and barely could see anything. Riders visited a nearby hotel for tea.

Road Thrill Pune Motorcycling Club Riders

It was close to 9.00 am and riders started packing and getting ready to leave for Pune. After breakfast and group picture, 11.00 am we started from Malshej Ghat and explored the highway route, finally reached Pune by 3.00 pm. This ride has captured something special, which will be shared soon.

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Big thank you to our crew members for organizing this ride.

Our Crew for this ride 
Vikrant Chaudhari – Organiser & Lead
Umesh Nariyani – Route & Lead
Ashutosh Morrisson – Sweep
Kamal Chodhri – Sweep & Hotel
Indranil Nukte – Photography (camera Man)
Shree Yadav – Photography (Light Man)
Nikhil Yadav – Finance Minister  

Road Thrill Pune Team - Ashutosh Morrison Vikranth Chaudari Dotor Nikhil Yadav

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    Mast ur t-shirts too! Though i wish the red part was Orange like my KTM 😉😂


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