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Varandha Ghat Ride: When life seems to be colorless, when time seems to fly away and you keep wondering, what have you done worth remembering! You need to take your bike and ride into the deep nature exploring the secrets and discover the connection with our souls.

Young at heart and enthusiastic riders of #RTPune had an unforgettable ride to Varandha Ghat on 1st July 2018.

Although the meeting was planned at 6:30am, for most of the riders it was sleepless night, as the reality was going to be much more beautiful than dreams. And the time came when the clock ticked 6:30am. Loaded with excitement, thrill and passion all the riders and their pillions were ready with their riding gear at the meeting spot. The ride started at 7:05am after the flag off.

First stop was for fueling the bikes, before heading towards Varandha Ghats at 8am, and the ride was kick started! What in life could be more exciting than dark green mountains, lust of greenery, camera and a peaceful mind :):)

Next stop was at Bhor for breakfast. Hot tea served with spicy misal pav and vada pav was perfect for anyone to fall in love once again! life is made of these small, small moments which one day turns out to be the best memory…

Road Thrill Women RT Bikers Pune Girl Riders

As the planned destination was still 46kms away, without spending much time, we started off with our ride. The route to Varhanda ghat was breathtaking surrounded by thick forest, green mountains, valleys & waterfalls. Adding to it was the wet mountain breeze for lifting up the mood.

Road Thrill Pune Motorcycle Clubs Vardhana Ghat Ride Waterfalls

We reached Varanda ghat at 12:30pm. It is one of the beautiful mountain pass which proceeds through the majestic Sahyadri mountain range. The place of abundance natural beauty, and milky waterfalls and monkeys too! This place has become best tourist attraction because of the hot bhajji, green forest, tall mountains and rains. RT Pune was filled with talks, love, laughter and never ending photos. Nothing compares to laughing with the best buddies till the point you can no more breath!

RT Women Road Thrill Women Riders Pune Ride Groups

Having filled with lot of happiness, love, and laughter, the rides started their ride back at 2:15pm. Although no one of them really wanted to go back, but you need to return to come again with much more energy. We stopped for lunch at Nasrapur Kekavale as the time was almost 4pm. All of us were really hungry till this time. And then the hot and spicy paneer butter masala, naan, dal tadka and jeera rice was served. Filling our tummies we left the place at 5pm, from where all of us dispersed to their way home.

Varandha Ghat RT Pune Clubs Ashutosh Morrison Mayank Ranveer Thakur Photography BIkers

Incredibly Varandha Ghat was one of the best ride of the monsoon filled with brotherhood, nature love, friendship and memories for life time.

We had a an amazing #crew set this time,
Harshad Limaye – Captain
Umesh Nariyani – Lead
Avinash Dhangaonkar – Sweep & Photography
Ashutosh Morrisson – Sweep
Mayank Ranveer Thakur – Photography
Shree Ajay Manikrao – Photography

Ride Captain and Ride Photographer

Anagha – Thanks for expressing this event in your words

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