Travelogue: Weekend Ride to Hampi, Incredible India

13/10/18- Morning at 4.30 Am i cranked my engine for a weekend getaway..It was a solo expedition to the beauty of Hampi India..The Movie Anandham which was shot in Hampi India Made me crazy and pushed me to visit that Place..So @4.30 in the morning I packed my bags and Left to Hampi from Hyderabad!! The roads were so beautiful and was covered by the lush green field..From Hyderabad ➡ Rachiyur➡Hampi..I Covered a total of 380kms in just 7 hours…Though I had google maps!It was bit confusing.Finally i reached Hampi @11.30 Am. I unpacked my bags and pitched the Tent in the beautiful Place Called BOBBY GUEST HOUSE! After taking a Nap . I planned to cover 2 places on Day -1.. The 1st Place was Anjaneya Hill ( Relived to be the birth place of lord Hanuman) It’s a Hilltop Temple . apporx of 500 -600 steps !! It is worth climbing it to see the full view of Hampi and lush green fields..Then I headed back to my Tent .. There I met 3 people who was IT professionals From Hyderabad and Bangalore…So We 4 planned to climb up to the Sunset Point… BELIVE ME GUYS YOU WILL SEE THE BEST SUNSET EVER IN YOUR LIFE…So there was Few local people and alot of foreign travelers..who started singing shiva songs and Hampi songs..(and we were chilling and taking few pics)..

Travelogue Weekend Ride to Hampi India

Then by 8pm We headed to the one of the best cafe in Hampi . Laughing BUDDHA CAFE….With psychedelic Theme The whole cafe was Trippy AF…Then We went to another cafe called Greenhouse Cafe..THE BURGER WAS UNBELIEVABLY TASTY AND SPICY..We made back to our tents by 12am ..

DAY-2. IT all started with the noisy sound of the insects which made me to wake up by 6 am .. I hardly slept for 5 hours maybe..Then I decided to explore Hampi as much as possible.So the Tungabhadra river Divides Hampi India into two parts!!One part is full of shacks and chilling stuffs whereas the other side is completely filled with temples and monuments…So i packed my stuffs and went to the other side of Hampi through Ferry. First of All I rented A cycle it costed me around 150rs per day.. but my bag was heavy to carry and It was soooo hot! that i drank 4 bottles of water within a hour.First I went to VIRUPAKSHA Temple, (lord shiva) which is one the most popular temple in Hampi India. Then I decided to climb a Hill called MATANGA was very hard to climb as there were no steps. The only way was to climb using our will power…after climbing the hilltop, i was so exhausted. After spending few minutes there i decided to get back down. I was all alone because of which i forgot the way i came up and went down in the wrong direction..It was a life ending moment in my Life..I had no hope of returning back because i was completely lost in the hill…I started to move down with 0 hopes and the main part was I DINT HAVE WATER WITH ME AND MY ENERGY WAS COMPLETELY DRAINED.. I just believed in my luck! when I started moving down the hill I lucky saw some sort of demolished Temple, I gained my confidence that I may meet someone to take me back to the start point of Matanga Hills.

I came down with a lot of scratches in my legs…and there was no one in that place and the place was so silent….Again i started to head back towards the west side ..It was completely filled with bushes,i was very much i started walking I heard some noise from the bushes and it was a group of goats roaming around ..I finally met a shepherd He was literally my god of the situation, He showed me the way to get back to the starting point..finally i reached the point. Luckily there was a police station so that i could ask them for water…

Hampi India Virupaksha Temple

Then I decided to visit the VIRUPAKSHA temple which is very much famous for the musical pillars..Each pillars will give different musical instrumental sounds..and the famous stone chariot (My personal favorite place)..The interesting part was i carried my cycle from Matanga hills to Virupaksha temple which was around 4kms from Matanga hills to virupaksha temple, i carrier my cycles because there was no roads only small small cliffs here are Hampi India..Then i went to a Underground Shiva temple, queens bath, elephant stable, Lotus mahal and watch tower, though its not completely painted but You can see the ancient sculptures and their way of living..As the roads were Ups and down i decided to walk rather than riding my cycle in that road ,so i carried my cycle in my shoulders and started walking..Then finally I reached my tent by 4.30 pm in the evening..Then i met a guy from Indonesia , believe me guys he was a lawyer and he quit his job and now he is exploring India .and we spent a lot of time together..we spoke a lot….And I even met 2 guys from Kerala .who was roaming around India..These people made me realize and taught me ” WHAT LIFE IS MEANT TO BE”…

Hampi India Ruins River Lotus Mahal

DAY-3.. I LEFT FROM HAMPI @6.30 in the morning .. while i was driving at high speeds ..a stupid squid came for a race with me. And luckily I escaped from a major accident…THANK GOD!!!!!I Reached Hyderabad by 1.30 pm like exactly 7 hours of journey….AND THE TRIP ENDED😔😓 Hampi India, Incredible India

I really wanna thank my parents for this. They have encouraged me to always use the opportunity to attain my dream in the best way possible.  When people tell me these kind of things I feel really blessed to have such a great family and friends..

Hampi India Paddy Fields

Travelogue submitted by Nitish Nair, #RTHyderabad

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