Gypsies’ Odyssey – A South India Tour of 5000 km

Gypsies’ Odyssey – A South India Tour, Day 1: So we started in the morning at 8:00am,since there was a bharat bandh going on we had to take a alternate route to reach the highway. Testing our patience were some squids. Day 1 we covered 420 Kms…All thanks to Rajesh Bhai from Highway Delite for making a special offline app for both of us.It saved us our 30 mins time.

The route to vijayawada from vizag is scenic…all you need is an eye of a photographer.The roads till rajhmundry were smooth.The roads after rajhmundry were so bad till the next 50kms that we had to reduce our speed. Ray and I were connected through intercoms which killed the boredom through the empty roads.

As Ray and I decided we would travel only during the day and the nights would be for rest this ride is a kind of endurance as we just took two breaks plus one fuel break to reach our destination before the day break. We checked in at our hotel only to find out that there was no lunch for us and uber eats came to our rescue. Day One Comes to an end with a lot of first time experiences. Tomorrow our journey to Chennai which is 470 Km approx starts at 8:00 AM

Gypsies' Odyssey - A South India Tour, Day 1 Naveen Nembhawani and Ray Jain from Vizag

Gypsies’ Odyssey – A South India Tour, Day 2: Vijayawada to Chennai

We reached chennai by 7:30 pm. So we started in the morning at 9:30am, got late by 1.5 hrs at vijayawada. Day 2 we covered 480 Kms…All thanks to Rajesh Bhai from Highway Delite for making a special offline app for both of us. It saved us a lot of time.

Gypsies Odyssey KTM and Avenger South India Tour

The route to chennai can be called a runway for the biker…We were cruising at an average speed of 110 without any hinderance. No squids..No Animals…It was just the road,a few vehicles,and our bikes. Took us 6 hrs to reach our destination chennai because of the average speed we were mainting according to our bikes.

Ray and I disconnected our intercoms and started enjoying the road with a few stops here and there with 2 fuel stops.

The traffic in chennai is a pain.It took us close to about 1 hr to cover 10kms distance to reach our hotel in chennai. Met Ramya Krish and Gopi Krish bhai at the hotel….Thank you so much guys for coming all the way to our hotel and meeting up….We shared a lot of experiences…Sorry I had to go in between to deliver a parcel to my relatives here in chennai.

Gopi Krish Ramya Krish Road Thrill Chennai with Naveen Nembhawani and Ray Jain
Gopi Krish Ramya Krish from Road Thrill Chennai with Naveen Nembhawani and Ray Jain

Day two came to an end with a lot of memories..Thank You once again Ramya Krish and  Gopi Krish bhai log from Road Thrill Chennai for meeting us…It was immense pleasure meeting & talking to you….

Gypsies’ Odyssey – A South India Tour, Day 3: – Chennai to Rameshwaram

We started our ascend towards Rameshwaram at 7:30 AM…late again by 2 hrs…got stuck in chennai traffic for about an hour… In this one hour i learnt a few things…😝😛

1) Mastered the art of patience…while your stuck in a traffic jam every 200 mtrs.😃😃

2) I learnt a new Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe on youtube.😃

3)I learnt how to do cornering on the flyovers.😃😃

Day 3 we covered 610 Kms… Highway Delite being our pitstop partner we did not have to face any problem. The route to Rameshwaram is all good except the single lane highway..NH53. Now i can proudly say this I have learnt how to do off roading too. The 150 Kms strech from trichy airport was a pain as it dint have any road…

1)No Proper Road

2) No petrol Bunks to refuel.

3) Very less human beings in the surrounding.

Route advised by Ramya Krish⁩.  I would like to thank her for sharing this route with us as I wanted to reach my dŕeam destination just on time. Guess what. Maintaing an avg speed of 100 -115 even on patchy roads…we reached pamban bridge just when sun was setting down. Day Three Comes to an end. 

Rameshwaram Pamban Bridge

Gypsies’ Odyssey – A South India Tour, Day 4: Day four started early…We went to the spadigalingam darshanam first…followed by a dip in the rameshwaram sea…then went to wash our sins off by going to the 22 Wells Bath.

Came back to the room and got ready to go to dhanushkodi. Riding on Dhanushkodi Beach Road was such fun…Winds flowing in high speeds…Beach on both sides…superb views on both sides.Stopped for some time to take some timelapses and photos.Our some time became 1.5 hrs at dhanushkodi beach with people wanting to take pics with our bikes and us😃😃.After lunch break at rameshwaram we started our ride again to kanyakumari.

Took a power nap in between for 30 mins as we were feeling sleepy after a heavy lunch. Unknowingly both of us took two parallel routes to reach highway. Once we reached highway we got some of the awesome views on the kanyakumari highway…The last 120kms strech on the highway was even more awesome as we were riding at normal speeds of 60 to 80 and enjoying the view..stopped in between for pics.

In the end what matters is Gypsies(ray and naveen) Odyssey always take the scenic route Met a biker Naveen who was also on a south india trip…best part hes also a blogger…😃😝follow him on my life on two wheels..!

My Life on Two Wheels Naveen with Road Thrill Vizag Members

Day Four Comes to an end with a lot of sun kissed memories.

Next stop – Thrishur

Gypsies’ Odyssey – A South India Tour, Day 5:  – Kanyakumari to Kochi

Another dream destination explored early in the morning. Day five started early…We went to see the sunrise first, followed by going to vivekananda memorial. Came back to the room and got ready to go to thrishur…but we called it a day off at kochi as we couldn’t push ourselves in the night.

Started at 10 from Kanyakumariafter seeing off naveen who was also riding to south india but was on bang on opposite direction.Was a roller coaster ride with so many twists and turns on the Tamil Nadu and Kerala border….We saw so many sceneries which we froze in our cameras.

Kerala Back waters South India Incredible India

We entered kerala only to find out that the highway is a narrow highway and with some senseless pedestrians and some no traffic sense hooligans on the road. Kerala is a beautiful place…i now know why is it called the God’s own Country. Our journey to thrishur was cut short to kochi as we were not able to push ourselves. The room at kochi where we stayed was so good that it had taken all our stress away.

Thank you Ramya Krish maam for providing us the best route to be taken. Aah. Highway Delite App was so helpful during our journey…We tho loved it… Did I tell you guys that they are available on Playstore and Appstore…Go ahead guys download their app…It’s a must be app in your phone if your travelling by road.

Gypsies(ray and naveen) Odyssey always take the scenic route we took beautiful pictures enroute our journey to kochi. Day Five comes to an end with a lot of close call memories and some beautiful pictures of some beautiful sceneries and architecture of kerala.

naveen nembhwani from road thrill vizag biker Vizag United Bikers

Next stop – Bengaluru

Gypsies’ Odyssey – A South India Tour, Day 6: – Kochi to Bengaluru

Day six started early…We got up at around 5:00Am and we started by 7:30 Am. Kerala is such a beautiful place…It took us exactly 20 mins to leave the city and we were back to cruising at 110kmph and 140kmph speeds.Just a 4km strech which was complete off roading was a pain…Nevertheless no gain without pain.The roads were so empty and a four lane highway…We raised up our throttle.

Kochi to Bangalore Road Ride

Took many breaks as it was a complete scenic route…Thanks to @⁨Ramya Krish⁩ and @⁨DR⁩ bhai for guiding us. We entered bangalore only to be drenched in rain.We were just 76kms from our destination…it started raining heavily…We took a risk and we still continued riding in the rain…Its not advisable to ride in rain.

Aah…Highway Delite App was so helpful during our journey…We tho loved it…Did I tell you guys that they are available on Playstore and Appstore…Go ahead guys download their app…It’s a must be app in your phone if your travelling by road. Gypsies (ray and naveen) Odyssey always take the scenic route we took beautiful pictures enroute our journey to bangalore. Day six comes to an end with a lot of memories and riding in rains.

Avenger 220cc in Rain

Gypsies’ Odyssey – A South India Tour, Day 7:  – Rest Day at Bengaluru

Day seven started a bit late…Met Rajesh Ghaganti Bhai (Our Pitstop Partner  Highway Delite, Founder) and JP bhai (Founder of RT) in the morning. Spoke about our ride so far and dispersed after some 45 mins. Went to elements mall did some shopping…and attended a meetup with RT Bengaluru at Big Brewsky. Thank You Lohith Bittira⁩ bhai, Vinod⁩ bhai, Bharath⁩ bhai, ⁨Gokool Kini⁩ bhai, ⁨Arun Hilson⁩ bhai, Satya bhai and ⁨Jacinth Paul⁩ bhai for meeting up.

Road Thrill Bikers Members Bangalore and Vizag at Big Brewsky Hennur

We then went to get our bikes serviced…and also pick up some accessories for the bike. Day seven came to an end by meeting Tudu⁩ bhai at JP bhai’s place…Thank you so much for taking out time and meeting me even after travelling since morning…

Next stop – Hyderabad

Gypsies’ Odyssey – A South India Tour, Day 8: – Bengaluru To Hyd

Day eight started very lat. Met JP bhai (Founder of RT) in the morning before leaving Bengaluru and he gave us some goodies to carry it back home. Started from Hebbal and hit the NH44 Road only to be in traffic for 30 mins for a stretch of 1.5 kms. Reached the Bangalore Hyderabad highway…We throttled to the maximum so as to cover the distance in less time…

Enroute to Hyd…After covering about 380 kms and one fuel stops and one CCD stop with just 200kms to cover.started raining heavily after we entered Telangana. So had to stop for three long hours…at Doon Punjabi Dhabha. Started to Hyderabad again at 6 in the evening when the rain became slow…Covered all our jackets and other things with rain gears and we were back on roads cruising at a speed of 60 – 80 kmph only to reach the Nehru ORR at 9:30 PM.

Road Thrill Hyderabad Biking Club Members

⁨Abhishek Samuel Wankhade⁩ bhai had been waiting their for us to get us to our hotel…Thank you so much Abhishek Samuel Wankhade⁩ bhai. Came to the OYO hotel… Manish Khandat⁩ bhai, Sujith bhai and Abhishek⁩ bhai had been there to meet us…Thank you so much bhai log…Spoke to ⁨Varun Singh Dewal⁩ bhai and Adam sir over the phone…We will be meeting them at Uppal X Roads in some time and then head back to our city of destiny which is 650 kms as per google.

Next stop – Vizag. This is our last leg of our Gypsies Odyssey and it’s gonna be one of the longest ride in this season…

Gypsies’ Odyssey – A South India Tour, Day 9: – Hyd to Vizag

The last day of our gypsies odyssey…both with mixed feelings…We never wanted this journey to end..but like all good things come to an end…even gypsies odyssey had to end…

It was around 5:30 AM our alarms started ringing…We decided we will check out from the hotel by 7Am (The only day we weren’t lazy) cause we wanted to meet Road Thrill Hyderabad members and leave
Hyderabad. As it is the rain spoilt our plans day before yesterday…when we reached Hyderabad…We got ready and Abhishek bhai came to pick us up…at he led us to Uppal X Roads..where Adam Gezgin bhai, ⁨Varun Singh Dewal⁩ bhai, Tharun bhai, Lucky bhai were waiting for us. We had tea gupshup with them…and then all of them had decided to ride with us till the breakfast point…We had breakfast point at a organic restaurant…delicious breakfast….exchanged badges and stickers and pleasantries and we started our journey at 11:30 Am to vizag.

The first stretch was to hit directly to vijayawada…non stop 235kms…but my accelerator cable snapped in between…so had to get it repaired which wasted our 25 mins…the mechanic did not have a accelerator cable…asked him to adjust it somehow and I managed it till Vizag…a lesson learnt here was to always carry extra spares. We reached vijayawada on time as per schedule(Covered those 25mins on the expressway) and we had tea break and a fuel break…

We started our journey back to vizag and enroute our journey we met Tejas Bhai from RT Hyd…He was so kind enough to arrange us food…but we did not have food as we thought we would be feeling sleepy…so we met him at ELURU….He brought us Coconut water in a bottle…We drank coconut water and we left…Thank you so much Tejas Bhai. The roads were so bad that this time my handle bar became shaky…Somehow managed it till rajhmundry and got that also repaired…As long as the handle wasnt repaired had a feeling of riding a Cafe Racer😂😂😛

Reached Rajhmundry got my handle bar tightened…and we left only to find patchy roads…and so on the journey went on and on till we reached ankapalle. At Anakapalle we met our one of our rider brothers sai venky…he was so happy to see us…that made us feel happy…he wanted us to have dinner at his place…we couldnt have dinner but we took a selfie and left…

We reached vizag only to be stuck in traffic…but a better traffic jam then the major cities we visited…which cleared in 2 mins. Finally we reached vizag…We reached ray’s house from where we started our journey. Gyspies’ Odyssey South India Tour a one of a kind of experience we had. Well I would say Now… Gypsies’ Odyssey – Always take the scenic route…This is not the end of Gypsies’ Odyssey…It is just a pause…

Gypsies Odyssey Naveen Nembhawani and Ray Jain from Road Thrill Vizag

Thank you so much everyone for keeping us in your prayers…

Pls continue keeping us in your prayers 🙏🙏…!!

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