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No pain no Gain! Yes sitting as a pillion for 1200+ km is not easy, guess the pain! It was worth every moment at the Rider Mania 2018 sitting behind and enjoying the breeze, passing through village routes, taking pictures, seeing riders giving and following hand signals.

Road Thrill Rider Mania 2018 Goa Pictures

Rider Mania 2018 – 15th November: 6.00am, 17 riders started looking for the directions toward GOA. There were 100+ riders on the road, was really a puzzle game who was riding with whom. Every turn and twist was amazing and giving new experience. A quick pit stop with an amazing sunset view filled us all with energy & joy. Soon after reaching at Goa around 8.00pm, dinner in the shack was SO SO, guess the bed was waiting for us.

Rider Mania 2018 Goa Dinner Clubs Royal Enfield

Rider Mania 2018 – 16th November: 6.00am We went for a ride, was tired to go, but yeah the weather was just WOW to give me energy to go! Breakfast in a local hotel was just so nice and tasty. We returned back at 12.00pm and took a short nap to catch up on our sleep, 4.00pm was time to leave for the Rider Mania ground, where really thrill was waiting for us, performances by gully gang set the crowd on fire everybody was on their feet dancing & cheering, we ended up returning by 11.00pm.

Pragati Rajput Rider Mania 2018 Goa Girl Riders Pune RT Nightlife

Rider Mania 2018 – 17th November 2018: It started with a ride to the beach and then going to RM at 2.30pm, my team was participating in two events and we all gathered to cheer them. The nervousness, excitement and tension was getting all of us together in one group and corner as our team had qualified for finals. It was carry your bike- yes a heavy metal bike from Point A to Point B, everyone were tensed that we never knew how to react to the situation. The race started and we could only see Road thrill guys running towards point B. Energy we all carried made it to the final position and we earned No1 badges. Celebration begun and we continued with a party in the night with cake cutting and sky lanterns to celebrate success.

Rider Mania 2018 Events Carry Your Bike Road Thrill

Rider Mania 2018 – 18th November 2018 : Final day in GOA. We had breakfast and were out for a market tour to Panjim. Was hot but good to see Goa Market and me without shopping not possible, so picked up small tit-bits and returned back to our room by 2.00 pm. Again we left around 5.00 pm, it was special day for all the riders in RM as we had Indian Ocean performing for us. The crowd was enjoying the music to the core and we were back in our rooms by 12.30 am to pack our bags for our return journey

Goa Churches Ride Royal Enfield 2018 Road Thrill Clubs RT Pune

Rider Mania 2018 – 19th November 2018 : 6.00 am It was dark, cold & raining like cats & dogs when we all started, there were many riders leaving Goa for their respective destination. Fun started at the beginning of the ride as we started fishing for our own riders in the crowd. By the time we reached Nipani it was 12.00 pm. Straight highway from Nipani was blessing as I could sleep as I was pillion. Reached Pune safely at 6.00 pm with lots of memories & ride vibration in my body.

Road thrill flags motorcycle clubs India riders Gookool Kini Phanindra HR Tejasvi Holla

At the end, I would like to express my gratitude to each & every member of Road thrill. Considering it was my first long ride and I was the only girl among the group, I was little hesitated initially but you guys proved it otherwise. Now, I don’t even want to think of what I would have missed by not joining you all. I don’t have words for you guys, you all are insanely awesome (Beware – They can even transform a nice cozy hotel room into an AC Garage in no time) !!

Road Thrill Mumbai Riders Hotel Garage

I have promised everyone that I will very soon share picture, all geared up & riding bike…! I am ready for the next year Rider Mania 2019, do join me & my Gang!! 

Road Thrill Pune Royal Enfield Rider Mania 2018 Goa Events

Big thank you to the crew:

Umesh Nariyani
Yogesh Sharma
Manoj Sinkar
Tejalinga Harshangi
Ravi Sharma
Jasmeet Singh
Kumar Gaurav
Sushant Jaiswal
Kamal Chodhri
Jai Girkar
Nilesh Shelke
Abinash Nayak

Rider Mania 2018 Travelogue by – Pragati Rajput, #RTPune

Rider Mania 2018 Goa Venue Pragati Rajput Road Thrill Pune Rider

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