Road Thrill in Gulbarga & Ghaziabad

Happy to share that we are growing and adding two more chapters in India!

Yes, it is your support and encouragement that has inspired us to open new #RTchapters. We have an addition in our family and we continue to encourage biking as passion and keep making friends forever. We believe it is RT community which keeps us together during good and rough patches in life. These chapters would continue to host “Just ride”, “Monthly ride” and “major events”, these are Republic Day Ride, One Ride, Freedom Ride and Rider Mania.

Tejalinga has been riding with Road Thrill since 16 months and been part of few rides in Hyderabad, Pune, Leh, Goa and Bangalore. Also, Akshay who has been our crew in #RTBangalore is now settled in Gulbarga. They would continue to share Road thrill energy in Gulbarga.

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Ashutosh has been riding with Pune and has been crew for 14 months. He is now in Gaziabad and would continue his biking passion with Road thrill. We now have two homes in Noth India and they would continue to support us in our next LEH trips.

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We wish them safe and happy rides in the days, weeks and months to come. – Jacinth PaulTudu AnupVarun Singh Dewal and Kamal Chodhri

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