Road Thrill Pune celebrates Republic Day 2019 with Elderly People

Nation’s resides in the heart and the Soul of Elder people!

Road Thrill Pune has dedicated 26th Jan Republic Day -2019 Especially for elderly People!

The destination planned was Janesav foundation near Panshet Dam. About 80+ riders participated in the event with a fill of patriotism, respect for elders, love, and laughter.

Riding up on village road and ghats covering 40+ Km, we all reached the destination at 9 am. Hot tea and delicious Poha was ready and waiting for us in the chilling weather! it was getting exciting when everyone reached the flag Hosting place. We carried special homemade non-spicy food and sugar-free sweets. Flag hoisting with National Anthem is always very special. Our goal for that ride was to make a difference in someone’s life, and fill their world with more Love, laughter, and kindness.

Continuing with the theme we started the event with the oldies, it was to our good surprise they were more energetic than the riders. They started playing and participating with us in Antakshari and Musical chairs. Their energy and enthusiasm were so nice that we did not realize the time we spent with them. 90 min were very less and wanted to continue, however, they had to leave for their commitments!!

To us, this was yet another simple event with a focus to pay back to society and show respect for elders in our life.  Although it was just a half day event, the memories which we gathered are lifelong!

Big thank you to everyone who supported, contribute and made this event successful.

Few pictures from the event:








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