Road Thrill CRUISE – The 600 CC + Club

Road Thrill announces its New Super Biking segment named Road Thrill CRUISE! The 600 CC + Club!!
These new segments will be starting at Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad with First Rides being launched. They will be autonomous and plan rides and events as decided by their Admin Teams within the framework of common RT Code. They may choose to join the common Chapter meets, CSRs or Cross roads along with their own rides and meets as they decide.
Along with the ongoing Patch Holder System, Road Thrill CRUISE is our next big thing for Road Thrill Community. #RTCruise is primarily envisioned for existing members who have bigger bikes of 600 CC + and above to ride and cruise with similar machines in sync. However we will be open to new riders as well who wish to join our fraternity. Remembering Late Akmal bhai as we announce the formation of Road Thrill Cruise for bigger bikes, as he was the first and strong proponent of this concept sometime back. We were not ready then, but now already having around 25+ 600 CC and above motorcycles already within our group it’s time time to CRUISEEE!!
Bangalore Team: Arpan Laha, Bharath Reddy, Prateek Anand, Akhilesh Shimoga & Poornesh Gowda!
Instagram: @roadthrillcruise
Wishing the new team good luck and godspeed as they take on the roads!!
Note: First Ride in Bangalore coming up in few days. For more details on #RTCruise or join in the Bangalore Chapter: +91 9739871462
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