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This notice may sound condescending, but as a precautionary measure sharing these among all our riding brothers.

1. Be sensitive to the norms recommended by our government, local bodies, companies, societies. Please take the measures very seriously irrespective of what authorities do.

2. Be informed about the Do’s and Don’ts from authorized sources. It’s now a criminal offence in few cities to make posts/forwards in watsaap/telegram groups without permission from authorities.

3. Heroics are not needed at the moment, but sense of responsibility and empathy. People are being booked escaping from quarantine/observations or still trying to get into places which are restricted.

4. We as riders are more susceptible for getting effected as we ride to tourist places and come in contact with many unknown people enroute.

5. Time to take care of elders like kids again by avoiding all non essential travel, keeping hygienic and healthy diet boosting the immunity. Same goes with infants.

With around 500+ cases we are currently in a state which the European countries were, just a few weeks back.

The last thing which we need is this pandemic raising in our country which even the developed nations are not able to handle. We have many in our country who live on day to day meals and let us (educated, working, well travelled people) not be a reason to get the current situation into a catastrophe for this nation.

Stay safe, stay healthy!


****RT Updates: CORONA Related ****

Dear All,

In the ongoing situation we have lots of information floating around. Not sure which is authentic, which is not, adding to the confusion and panic. There are examples like the current losses of 2000 crore per day in the poultry industry or today an acquaintance father having stroke after reading a local newspaper exaggerating things happening in Germany. The intention of sharing or forwarding a news may be good but unknowingly you can even collapse an entire industry or a life.

As per the circular given by the government to all online platforms, below are the measures we will be undertaking with Road Thrill Community. These online activities are also our contribution to the society and the government being an NGO ourselves during these times. Many of us would remember similar volunteering activities done during the Kerala/Coorg flood.

> Posts will be done only by our members who are part of the Corona Fighters Team – An initiative by Dept. of Information & Public Relations, Gov of Karnataka and The Red Cross.

As of today:
1. Abhishek N Rao  9964942933
2. Lohith Bittira 9886224418

We will keep adding more people as we go. Do reach out to them. This will be our RT Core Team in this cause.

> No forwards / posts / news articles etc will be allowed in our social media channels by members (auto blocked). If you find anything important to be shared kindly forward the same to our Core Team.

> All the posts (daily 1/2) will be done in Road Thrill India Telegram group along with our social media channels which will carry a signature as well.


Corona Warriors Team
Gov of Karnataka”

Members are free to share in your chapters as well as any other groups to spread authentic information as and which is required.

Thanks for your support, cooperation and understanding

Our best
Road Thrill Board

WHO Link:

One thought on “Road Thrill Community | Corona Updates

  • March 24, 2020 at 12:05 pm

    Much needed contribution to present situation at our best levels
    Cheers to ROAD THRILL


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