Now experience a 3D version of Royal Enfield to Make It Yours

I remember the running around at aftermarket accessories stores each time I’ve picked up a new motorcycle and each time any of our riding group members or friends have got one. The first few weeks go into customising the machine to suit your style, interests, and way of riding. This is the case I believe, which is true for any motorcyclist. As a riding group, we have in fact have few tie-ups with some of these accessory stores, however most of them do not come with any company warranty or from reputed brands. The popular saying with these accessories goes like this: ‘Chale toh chand tak warna shaam tak’ 😊 Not just that, the downside of altering and customising your motorcycle to make it better can have issues with the company warranty we get and the common practice is to go with the alterations once the warranty period gets over.

Introducing the 3D Motorcycle Configurator – ‘Make it Yours’ – from Royal Enfield: Good news to Royal Enfield enthusiasts. The 3D configurator, Make It Yours, on the Royal Enfield website provides high resolution 3D models, allowing us to view a motorcycle from all angles while we customise it. Choose accessories for your machine – for protection, comfort and style. All genuine Royal Enfield branded customisation and accessories available at the click of a button. It feels just like you are standing next to the motorcycle as you check it out from all angles. What more can we ask for? And yes, this feature is available on both website as well as Royal Enfield app.

Customise to your riding style and needs: Though we all ride the same machines, each of us have our unique riding needs like commute, touring, off roading, etc. and it is important to customise our motorcycle accordingly. Each accessory has its own fitment and unique purpose when used in context. Being a tourer myself for example, I would highly recommend the touring mirror kit which gives much better visibility of vehicles behind you and helps to keep a watch for the riders behind, especially during group rides. Similarly, the touring seats are a bare minimum necessity especially for long distance riders. Just click on Book & the motorcycle you’ve customised will be delivered to the dealership closest to you, factory-fitted and road-ready.

The Make It Yours module allows us to change anything from mirrors, flyscreens and seats to engine guards and sump guards, while also letting us modify the finer details like oil filler caps, reservoir caps, machined bar ends for an intricate look and feel. I think I can safely assume that everything will fit together perfectly as all these accessories are from the motorcycle manufacturer itself.

Thank you Royal Enfield for understanding our pain point about motorcycle accessories and coming up with this unique configurator concept. I would highly recommend this to everyone planning to get a new motorcycle to experience their new Royal Enfield in 3D. As in India, if you still do not want to visit a dealer too many times due to Covid restrictions but are considering a Royal Enfield, you can check out the motorcycle on Make It Yours, in realistic, lifelike 3D – right from the comfort of your home. You may think how will you fix all the customised accessories you ordered? Well, that’s not a problem. Once you order online, your customized motorcycle will be delivered to the dealership closest to you with all fitments in place. What else do you want?

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