Saddle Sore 1600 Km Iron Butt Challenge Tips

A Session with Yashraj bhai was a complete blast and full of great learning. Thanks to all who joined and listened to him sharing his experience and asking questions.

For those who missed here are the “Quick Bits” of the AMA Session.

Question – What motivated you to complete this IronButt.
Answer – Was locked up in house for long time and wanted to free myself. Biking is my passion and when I am on Road I am free. Also wanted to “Be the First” to Atal Tunnel from South India.

Question – What was preparation like for IronButt Challenge.?
Answer – Preapartion is multi phase. We dont wake up one day and just decide that I want to do it next week. My preparation was somewhat like this –
1. Doing 1000KM rides in under 12hrs multiple time to get my body used to this kind of journey.
2. Change the riding route for 1000KM rides in under 12hrs from straight roads to bendy and hilly area.
3. Getting used to your bike and knowing your bike wire by wire and bolt by bolt is going to help you a lot.
4. *Most important* Planning your route. A correct route in itself is a 70% WIN for you.
5. Carry your complete gears, Puncture kit, Air Compressor, Chain oil, Fuses for your bike is must.
6. Being Hydrated is *KEY* to acheiving this milestone.
7. If you do not have Really good headlights, dont try this coz atleast 6-8Hrs you will be riding in complete darkness and visibility is really important.

Question – I own a Himalayan/ThunderBird 350/Dominar, Can I also do this.?
Answer – 100% you can do this. Its biker who does it. Any bike is just a tool for biker. Yes, a big bike will help you but only a Little. Goal is to achieve 1600KM in 24Hrs. With Triumph you might do in 18hrs and with Himalayan 20Hrs and with ThunderBird in 23.5Hrs. In all cases you would have completed ‘IronButt Challenge” + this might consume less fuel for you.

Question – What part of ride you enjoyed most.?
Answer – *The time when I was inside tunnel*. Its an engineering marvel. They have ACs inside, Proper Lighting, Proper markings, Speed limit, Camera setup. Its true that *Journey is more important than the End or the Start* But this End of my saddle sore was the best.

Question – What was the longest stretch you did.?
Answer – Around 400KMs and thats bcoz of Fuel. My bikes give mileage of 20 and have a tank of 22lts. So after 400KMs I had to stop and refuel.

Question – What kept you Sane on this mentally challenging rides.?
Answer – Music helps but not all time. Sometimes I would shut off all audio sources but most important is *talking to your family and loved ones*. Their motivation and kind words kept me going even though I was tired. *Have a helmet with Intercom (Sena/Lexin) kind of setup. Makes life easy.

If you have any more questions. You can ask him anytime and I am sure he will be happy to answer them personally.

Thanks you all for joining. I, on behalf of #RTCruise Admin team and Team members and on behalf of entire RoadThrill Community congratulate YashRaj bhai.

RTCruise Admin Team.

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