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About: Our Road Thrill Blog section was launched on 6th of April 2017, with a couple of us from Road Thrill: Community who are into a bit of blogging. The idea is to promote the experiences we have on our rides with Road Thrill as well as our individual rides as travelogues, so that the same experiences would reach to a bigger audience. As of now we have two members in the Road Thrill Blogs Admin Team along with a couple of other blogging members.

Road Thrill Blogging Team

Road Thrill Blogging Categories: You can blog about anything under our defined categories.

  • Event blogs: All our events, as well as blogs about our participation in events organised by others; example Rider Mania
  • Travelogues: Your travels, whether solo or with Road Thrill or with your group of friends.
  • RT Reviews: This is a tricky one. You may review a motorcycle, a product, a service or even an app. While your review is personal, remember that this will be viewed as an RT official review and may negatively impact whatever you are reviewing. Make sure your review is unbiased, that it clearly mentions the pros and cons. Include relevant photos (including of the product in use) and links (for example online store links or physical store addresses) wherever possible. Also, for example if an action camera manufacturer has sent you a specimen for testing and review, please be forthright in mentioning that in your review. An honest review goes a long way and leaves a more lasting impression and helpful for many others.
  • Featured: This is where we feature anything of interest to Road Thrill: Community as a whole; it may be a fellow rider’s blog post or even highlights from a rock concert we attended.
  • Safety and General tips: You can blog of list of interesting places or how to fix a punture or breakdown, etc
  • RT News: News from around Road Thrill as well as the complete Motorcycling Community; for example a community meet-up or reach out, launch of a new motorcycle, product, service or app, or a performance by Chris Pfieffer that Road Thrill was part of attended.

Road Thrill General Blogging Guidelines

  • Blogs to be written in English, with a minimum of 400 words.
  • No grammatical/formatting errors.
  • A few images that have been taken by you to be uploaded along with the blog. In case you are using someone else’s images from the community, please do so with permission and with due credits.
  • You can blog about various topics under any of the defined categories.
  • You are free to share something from your personal blog; Please feel free to include links.
  • The decision to post anything rests solely with the RT Blogs Admin team.
  • Submitted blogs maybe edited to make the headlines/content appropriate and as per the guidelines.

You can mail your write-ups as well as any further queries to anirban@roadthrillcommunity.com.